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Innovation where it matters most

Full marks to Lyon-Saint Exupery airport for deploying technology to good effect. Noting that “wait times to pass through security are often a source of stress for passengers”, the airport now features signs on the public side of the concourse indicating estimated time from the end of the queue to the security gates, to help […]

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Europeans more worried about climate change than economy

When it comes to climate change, the Atlanticis looking like a very wide body of water. According to a Eurobarometer studypublished today in Brussels,more than two Europeans in three see climate change as a very serious problemand almost 80% consider that taking action to combat it can boost the economyand jobs. The survey, carried out […]

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Last chance to vote for the brightest and best aviation minds

It’s fast approaching your last chance to vote for who you think has the best and brightest aviation mind in the Flightglobal Achievement Awards. The Achievement Awards celebrate and recognise the finest individuals in the aviation and aerospace industries. You’ve only got three days left until voting closes for the Flightglobal Achievement Awards so we need you to choose who […]

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Anniversary: Beluga’s first flight 17 years ago today

By Abbie Ridge Let’s hear it for the ‘Beluga’, the whale-shaped aircraft that today is celebrating 17 years since its first flight. Love it or hate it, the Airbus A300-600ST certainly has character, its eye-catching design allowing it to transport key aircraft components from all over Europe to Toulouse and Hamburg for final assembly. Built […]

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What it means to be a post-9/11 airline

It has been a decade since the terrorist attacks in America.That decade wrought changes, including a new meaning of what it means to be an airline. Perhaps surprisingly to anyone who recently went through airport security, its essence is a heightening of many of the same themes that gave aviation its attraction in the first […]

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How 9/11 changed the world of airline and airport security

Since the two aircraft ploughed into the twin towers in New York and other attacks on the US Pentagon, airport and airline security has had to change to prevent hijacks and ground attacks. But it has affected the ease of people travelling. Flight has reported on developments from the security industry including a Honeywell device to be fitted to Boeing 787s […]

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What’s EADS worth in a euro crisis?

Reports from the Financial Timesin Germanysuggest Berlinis finally prepared to take action on the longstanding question of ownership ofEADS, by buying out at least most of the 22.46% of the company owned orcontrolled by Daimler. The story has been denied by the German government, but still reveals much about the ongoing discomfort over the agreement […]

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BAe 146 first flight

  Image credit BAe (British Aerospace) 146 performed its first flight on 3 Septmeber 1981 but the aircraft design is based on the Hawker Siddely HS 146 as described in an article in 1973. See also the cutaway drawing in the piece. In the article BAe 146 described, published in the 2 May 1981 issue of […]

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Tony Parsons sets up camp at Heathrow for literary inspiration

What do you get if you have a journalist and/or author setting up camp in an airport terminal? A hopeful revival in airport fiction Man and Boy author Tony Parsons became the writer in residence at London’s Heathrow in early August to talk to airport staff and travellers for inspiration to write a new work of fiction. […]

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Pan Am TV series takes you back to when flying was the fun part of travel

  Remember when you could smoke in the aircraft cabin? Remember when the cockpit door was always open and you could request to go and have a chat with the pilot? Remember when you could show up five to 10 minutes before your flight, purchase your ticket and go, and air hostesses were hired for their looks […]

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