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The final resting place of N106US

In a dimmed hangar on the side of Charlotte-Douglas International Airport lies N106US, the US Airways Airbus A320 that landed on the Hudson River one chilly January morning in 2009. Edward Russell The famous “Miracle on the Hudson” aircraft is now an exhibit at the Carolinas Aviation Museum in Charlotte, North Carolina. Flight 1549 was […]

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PICTURE: Eurofighter Amateur Photography Competition picks best in class #ILA12

Credit: Gaz West This extraordinary image from Gaz West took the winning prize in the second annual Eurofighter Amateur Photography Competition.Amateur photographers from across the globe submitted their best images for consideration, and entries came from as places as diverse as Malaysia, India, Slovenia, Turkey and Bulgaria. This striking winning image will be on the […]

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The Olympic flame flying to the UK on BA’s Firefly

BA is flying the Olympic flame from Greece to the UK on Firefly, a specially liveried A319

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United Technology – less the Rocketdyne technology part

Three messages come out of the move by United Technologies – parent company of Sikorsky, Pratt & Whitney and Hamilton Sundstrand – to rejig its plans for actually paying the $16.5 billion it’s soon going to have to lay down to close its acquisition of Goodrich. One: we’re not in 2007 anymore. Back in those […]

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Aviation – it’s a question of survival

While aviation people spend a lot of time and energy worrying about how to squeeze fuel burn a bit or if the wings can be bit more carbon fibre, the ultimate customers – passengers – seem to have very different concerns. Indeed, Gadget Duck’s pitch for the $18.95 Knee Defender suggests that passengers don’t give […]

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VIDEO: Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 unveiled

Malaysia Airlines has unveiled the design and specifications of its first Airbus A380-800 aircraft. The aircraft, to be delivered in the middle of June, will have a new livery on its exterior, said the airline. The aircraft will have 494 seats in a three-class configuration – eight in first class, 66 in business and 420 […]

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A320 work was welcome, but the programme didn’t pay: Ultra

For Ultra Electronics, 80% of revenue comes from defence sales and it’s no surprise to learn that military budget cuts in the US and Europe, including Ultra’s home market, the UK, are squeezing a company whose core capability has historically been in sonar technology. But what characterises Ultra is what now-retired chief executive Douglas Caster […]

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Military cash and the WTO

To learn that GeneralElectric is using technologies developed with US military money for its half ofthe CFM International Leap turbofan is no great surprise. Nor is it a surprise,really, to find that GE reckons that the Air Force cash behind projects likeADVENT (advanced versatile engine technology) will drive commercial enginedevelopment beyond Leap. Indeed, it’s worthremembering […]

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Finance goes American

Here’s an interesting example of a trend we’re seeing in finance – money deals that might in the past have been naturally placed in Europe are moving to other regions. The problem is that European banks are being forced to trim their balance sheets to toughen themselves up against the cold wind of the Eurozone […]

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VIDEO: Crazy crosswinds showcase pilot expertise

Videos of landing aircraft in challenging conditions is nothing new, but this video – currently popular on YouTube – showcases how an afternoon of bad weather at Düsseldorf airport can make landing an aircraft a real test of skill for pilots.

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