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Pioneering aviator Harriet Quimby centenary approaches

  A centenary is soon upon us but this event had been overshadowed by a tragedy which shares the same anniversary month. Harriet Quimby was the first female aviator to fly an aeroplane solo across the English Channel from an airfield at Whitfield to land near Boulogne Sur Mer on the 16th April 1912. But […]

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Artists exhibit animated military aircraft from the Boneyard Project

  Why not head down to Tucson, Arizona, to see the latest exhibition in the Boneyard Project later this month? Artists have used abandoned aircraft from the US Air Force to create works of art from the “eccentric shapes” from the metal. Later this month (January 28) until May 31 you can see what the artists […]

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2011 – The Year in Review: Top Ten Video Stories

1. A380 hits CRJ while taxiing at JFK Video footage emerged showing an Air France Airbus A380 colliding with a Comair Bombardier CRJ700 during taxiing at New York JFK back in April. The A380 “clipped the tail fin” of the parked Comair jet, causing only “material damage”. 2. Tu 154 struggles against in-flight oscillation The video clips […]

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Was Lucky Lindy really first across the Atlantic?

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How about reverse engineering a 727?

My colleague Stephen Trimble today blogged over on The Dew Line that Iran plans to reverse-engineer its very own Lockheed Martin RQ-170 from the example of the US stealth drone its forces apparently shot down earlier this month. As Stephen suggests, good luck to them.Your correspondent back in October joined Boeing for a tour of […]

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Take advantage of a seasonal discount at the Flightglobal Image Store

Have you ventured out into the misty, cold and darkness and waded through the Autumn leaves to begin your Christmas shopping? Flightglobal has a better idea. Why not stay at home and do your holiday shopping online? This is especially appealing if you know certain friends or family members are excited by aircraft and things aviation.  Look no […]

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Qantas forced to turn off engine during flight, again

A Qantas Airways Airbus A380 was forced to take a diversion from its scheduled flight from Singapore to London, due to an oil problem, causing one of its four Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines to shut down. Flight QF31 flew for around two-and-a-half hours with only three functioning engines before landing safely in Dubai. The aircraft […]

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Making aircraft, good; flying them, less so

Further evidence of a surging civil aviation economy comesfrom systems supplier Goodrich. Overall, sales were up 16% at $2.03 billion andpre-tax profit gained 34.5% to $300 million, and for the full year Goodrichforecasts a 15% increase in large airliner original equipment sales, assumingBoeing 787 and 747-8 schedules are maintained. Meanwhile, on the operating side of […]

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Will your image be THE image of 2011? The Flight International Front Cover Competition returns!

ENTER NOW! Upload your image TODAY to the Flight International Front Cover Competition gallery on AirSpace  (…by signing up to AirSpace and posting your image into the gallery)  The hugely successful Flight International Front Cover Competition is back for its fifth year, giving you another chance to have your best aircraft image featured on the front […]

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787 Tenth Anniversary Report

To make a Boeing 787 requires 62 miles of wiring (that’s a real Boeing-supplied fact) and enough carbon fibre to stretch to the Moon (I just made that up but it’s probably not far off). Even more impressively, the aircraft’s remarkable features – carbon composite structure, all-electric systems, big windows, higher cabin pressure, global supply […]

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