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3D? Actually, it’s real

From Dassault Systemes chief executive Bernard Charles, we get a fascinating look behind the scenes of the computerisation industrial revolution. Going back to 1988, DS and Boeing – already long-term partners and having already moved from 2D drawings to 3D design – decided to create the 777 airliner with no physical mock-up. This all-digital process […]

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AgustaWestland pins hopes on civil market

AgustaWestland is the latest UK defence contractor to announcebig job cuts, with up to 375 people to be laid off, largely from its Yeovilfactory, in response to reduced helicopter purchases by the UK Ministry ofDefence as well as slowing export sales. The exact number of redundancies isyet to be determined, and the company has launched […]

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On this day in 1961 the Chinook performed its first flight

  The Chinook performed its first flight 50 years ago today and the rorotrcraft were introduced in 1962. For more information on the remarkable rotorcraft see Flightglobal’s profile and browse through the Flightglobal Image Store to buy images and cutaways of the aircraft.   Helicopter Profile: Boeing CH-47 Chinook Flightglobal Image Store – images and cutaways of the Chinook The Chinook […]

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Qatar and Germany’s EADS problem

Berlin’s EADS problem may be taking an interesting turn. The government was quick earlier this month to deny Financial Times reports that it was,  however reluctantly, moving toward nationalisation as the way to relieve Mercedes-Benz carmaker Daimler of the burden of owning Germany’s 22.46% share of the company behind Airbus and Eurocopter – carefully balanced […]

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Spiral Zero

Engineers like the phrase “design spiral”, to refer to a developmentprocess characterised by a series of iterative improvements and additions,particularly where they may be needed to meet evolving requirements. The termcomes from software design, and is seen as a dramatic improvement on the lineardesign process which usually characterises more traditional manufacturedproducts. What makes the spiral […]

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Last chance to vote for the brightest and best aviation minds

It’s fast approaching your last chance to vote for who you think has the best and brightest aviation mind in the Flightglobal Achievement Awards. The Achievement Awards celebrate and recognise the finest individuals in the aviation and aerospace industries. You’ve only got three days left until voting closes for the Flightglobal Achievement Awards so we need you to choose who […]

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Anniversary: Beluga’s first flight 17 years ago today

By Abbie Ridge Let’s hear it for the ‘Beluga’, the whale-shaped aircraft that today is celebrating 17 years since its first flight. Love it or hate it, the Airbus A300-600ST certainly has character, its eye-catching design allowing it to transport key aircraft components from all over Europe to Toulouse and Hamburg for final assembly. Built […]

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How 9/11 changed the world of airline and airport security

Since the two aircraft ploughed into the twin towers in New York and other attacks on the US Pentagon, airport and airline security has had to change to prevent hijacks and ground attacks. But it has affected the ease of people travelling. Flight has reported on developments from the security industry including a Honeywell device to be fitted to Boeing 787s […]

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PICTURES: Will Concorde come back to life in time for 2012 Olympics

Picture credit: Concorde G-BOAC being rolled out in 1977 A successful attempt to bring a British Airways Concorde “back to life” in time for the London Olympics has been thwarted by health and safety concerns. A group of Concorde enthusiasts – Heritage Concorde – has for several months been carrying out repairs to the cockpit […]

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What’s EADS worth in a euro crisis?

Reports from the Financial Timesin Germanysuggest Berlinis finally prepared to take action on the longstanding question of ownership ofEADS, by buying out at least most of the 22.46% of the company owned orcontrolled by Daimler. The story has been denied by the German government, but still reveals much about the ongoing discomfort over the agreement […]

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