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Pioneering aviator Harriet Quimby centenary approaches

  A centenary is soon upon us but this event had been overshadowed by a tragedy which shares the same anniversary month. Harriet Quimby was the first female aviator to fly an aeroplane solo across the English Channel from an airfield at Whitfield to land near Boulogne Sur Mer on the 16th April 1912. But […]

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Was Lucky Lindy really first across the Atlantic?

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Anniversary: Beluga’s first flight 17 years ago today

By Abbie Ridge Let’s hear it for the ‘Beluga’, the whale-shaped aircraft that today is celebrating 17 years since its first flight. Love it or hate it, the Airbus A300-600ST certainly has character, its eye-catching design allowing it to transport key aircraft components from all over Europe to Toulouse and Hamburg for final assembly. Built […]

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How 9/11 changed the world of airline and airport security

Since the two aircraft ploughed into the twin towers in New York and other attacks on the US Pentagon, airport and airline security has had to change to prevent hijacks and ground attacks. But it has affected the ease of people travelling. Flight has reported on developments from the security industry including a Honeywell device to be fitted to Boeing 787s […]

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BAe 146 first flight

  Image credit BAe (British Aerospace) 146 performed its first flight on 3 Septmeber 1981 but the aircraft design is based on the Hawker Siddely HS 146 as described in an article in 1973. See also the cutaway drawing in the piece. In the article BAe 146 described, published in the 2 May 1981 issue of […]

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10th anniversary of RAF C-17 operations

The UK Royal Air Force will complete its first 10 years of flying Boeing’s C-17 transport, with its use of the type continuing to run well above planned rates. Seven of the tactical heavy airlifters are now assigned to 99 Sqn and flown from the RAF’s transport super-base at Brize Norton in Oxfordshire. The unit’s […]

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RAF Museum celebrates St George’s and ANZAC Day

The RAF museum in Hendon, London, will be hosting special events for children to celebrate St George’s Day and ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) Day on the weekend of April 23 to 24.   Children will be able to make their own dragon, which they can take home at the end of the […]

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Century of US naval aviation celebrated with commemorative designs

The US Navy has given a collection of military aircraft some decorative retro designs in honour of the 2011 Centennial of Naval Aviation celebration next month. Each squadron has adorned their aircraft with logos and symbols inspired by an historical aircraft or helicopter. Some examples of the new paint work include a TC-12B Huron from Training […]

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In the archive: 50th anniversary of first human spaceflight

Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin orbited Earth in 108-minute flight on this day in 1961. This is how Flight recorded the event.  But he never made a second spaceflight, the world-wide impact of his pioneer achievement was so great that he retired there and then… Gagarin died in a training flight in March 1968. Flight reporter Maurice […]

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Boeing honours engineers to mark a 50th anniversary of American manned spaceflight

As the 50th anniversary of Alan Shepard’s first American manned spaceflight approaches on 5 May, the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE) decided it was time to recognise the achievement of the McDonnell Aircraft team of retired engineers and technicians who designed and built the Mercury spacecraft that took Shepard to space, and set […]

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