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How about reverse engineering a 727?

My colleague Stephen Trimble today blogged over on The Dew Line that Iran plans to reverse-engineer its very own Lockheed Martin RQ-170 from the example of the US stealth drone its forces apparently shot down earlier this month. As Stephen suggests, good luck to them.Your correspondent back in October joined Boeing for a tour of […]

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447 debris.JPG

AF447: Map of the debris field

France’s Bureau d’Enquetes et d’Analyses has released this striking map of the debris field from flight AF447, the Airbus A330-200 which crashed in the South Atlantic in June 2009. Click on the map for a larger version.

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Is Virgin America next for Neo?

One curious aspect of the IndiGo agreement to take the A320neo was the timing of its disclosure, just six days before Airbus would be commanding media attention at its annual event in Toulouse.   But one clue might be the fact that a source  (the same one, incidentally, who correctly informed us A320neo would have […]

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Flightglobal’s Tree of Communication: What are… blog comments?

Flightglobal’s Tree of Communication explains how a digital publisher reports news and shows how facts, opinion and analysis can be communicated through the modern web. Comments are written in response to a blog posting from our crack team of Flightglobal bloggers and/or in response to any of the other users who have commented on the […]

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An army of bloggers

Britain’s Armed Forces have begun to blog so that the public can get an idea of what it’s like for soldiers on the front line.  “Servicemen and women have been blogging for years of course privately on personal pages, but we have never provided the platform to bring all those blogs together before. People can follow just […]

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