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New JP Bizjet 2012 out soon!

The exclusive JP Bizjet is back again with its 45th edition.This 648-page directory provides businesses and enthusiasts with every bit of information they could need and want! The 2012 Bizjet will be published early March.  Containing some 19,000 jets, 11,000 turboprops, and a 17-page colour selection of 48 aviation photos, it is a tool the […]

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AgustaWestland pins hopes on civil market

AgustaWestland is the latest UK defence contractor to announcebig job cuts, with up to 375 people to be laid off, largely from its Yeovilfactory, in response to reduced helicopter purchases by the UK Ministry ofDefence as well as slowing export sales. The exact number of redundancies isyet to be determined, and the company has launched […]

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In the archive: Iconic front cover images

  This image is a heatmapped collection of some of Flight Magazine’s iconic front covers.  As you will no doubt already be aware, Flightglobal has scanned in every issue, with a few exceptions, published since 2 January 1909 amounting to some 210,000 pdf pages. However, there are some pages are missing. But, thankfully with your help, Flightglobal has been able to […]

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Flying club to land at 100 aerodromes in 24 hours

Six pilots from the Air France Lognes flying club are to take part in a challenge to land at 100 aerodromes in 24 hours as part of the Breitling 100/24 Cup challenge in June in a bid to promote general, light and business aviation and regional accessibility. The Air France 100/24 crew consists of three private pilots, two airline […]

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PICTURES, VIDEO & CUTAWAY: Bombardier CRJ1000 milestones in the Flightglobal archive

Flightglobal publishes its Bombardier CRJ1000 cutaway of the aircraft that was launched in 2007. Deliveries began in December 2010.  And you can see the dedicated page showcasing the aircraft. The page includes a flight test feature, a technical description, configurations, the CRJ programme dug out from the Flightglobal archive, images and latest news. You can also […]

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Qantas staff unimpressed by John Travolta’s safety introduction

Hollywood actor John Travolta has upset crew members on Qantas in his introduction to the Australian flag carrier’s safety video. In the video that will be shown to passengers before short and long haul flights, he says: “I’ve been flying over 40 years as a pilot and I can tell you, there’s no one I’d rather have at the controls […]

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Beriev Be-103 for sale, but there’s a catch…

Beriev Be-103

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Ornithopter Snowbird takes flight

News of an ornithopter with a wing span almost as wide as a Boeing 737 made it into my daily morning newspaper. The ornithopter, known as the Snowbird, was created by Canadian engineers, from the University of Toronot’s Institute for Aerospace Studies, has flown and stayed aloft by flapping its wings like a bird while the […]

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James Bond autogyro creator unveils latest flying machine

A flying veteran, aged 94 has unveiled his latest flying machine according to a report from a UK daily news source. Ken Wallis who invented and pilot of the autogyro, took off in his miniature helicopter reaching speeds around 80mph. The autogyro, appeared in the 1967 James Bond film You Only Live Twice, uses natural air to […]

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Flying Car A Reality

What’s that? It is a plane, is it a car? Well, it’s both. Remember those childhood dreams you had of flying in your car. Careering at speed down the road, and then suddenly a super-engine comes out the back, and you blast off into the skies, avoiding the traffic below. Well, this vehicle comes quite […]

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