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Mystery: revolutionary helicopter ‘unveiled’ or massive typo?

  It is rare to spot something truly new in one of the hundreds of reports issued each year by US Department of Defense’s legion of internal think-tanks, much less learn of the existence of an undisclosed, revolutionary helicopter development project. But it can happen. And so it is with the recently published, 175-page report […]

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Seeing red over branding?

From Ferrari to Armani, Vespa to Versace, the Italians take their brand names seriously, so it is interesting to see where Finmeccanica bosses have taken that brand since the company began to morph from anonymous Italian industrial holding company a few years ago to one of the world’s biggest aerospace and defence giants. Rumour has it […]

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Commerce among the canapes at RIAT

Glorious weather, a hospitality village restricted Baghdad Green Zone-style to invited guests, no press conferences with pesky prying journalists, and a chance to indulge champagne-glass in hand with your passion for watching spectacular displays by military aircraft. No wonder industry – for whom attending the big trade shows is a necessary evil – loves the […]

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Titlrotor thrill-ride impresses the press

US East Coast editor Stephen Trimble reports from the field: “Media day” usually means one thing to serious aviation journalists: FREEBIES! And the best freebie is a ride on a new kind of aircraft. So you can imagine the appeal of the V-22 Media Day on 13 July. I and about 50 other journalists showed […]

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US101 becomes H-71, but why?

Lockheed Martin’s US101, better known in Europe as the AgustaWestland EH101 and winner of the prestigious US Navy VXX presidential helicopter competition, has been officially designated the VH-71A. As the last helicopter to receive an official US military designation was AgustaWestland’s A109, operated by the US Coast Guard as the MH-68A Enforcer, that begs the […]

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