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Collins ParaNav: A Must for the Male Parachutist

Men in motion get lost because men on the move won’t ask for directions, or so the saying goes. With Rockwell Collins’ new ParaNew GPS however, males, at least those hanging on a parachute, will be able to find their way without ever asking. The avionics maker says the new system, which consists of a […]

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A time to reminisce with aviation museums on Flightglobal

There are times when working in the Flight office can seem like The Weakest Link quiz show; each journalist trying to outscore the other with their aviation know-how! Nothing gets an aviation journalist going like discussing of aircraft gone by. With this in mind, and because we know how much people love to reminisce, we […]

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Read this week’s Flight – of 1917, 1927, 1937…

Under the cover of a pseudonym, to protect my friends and family from repercussions and recriminations – okay, embarrassment – I participate in a forum for those like me who love cancelled and secret aircraft projects. It’s, and it is a very cool site. They have just discovered Flight’s online archive, which went live […]

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Can you win the Microsoft paper plane challenge?

Bored? Got that Friday feeling?Then why not try throwing a paper plane out of a window? To celebrate the release of Flight Simulator X, Microsoft have released a quirky game that challenges you to see how far you can throw an imaginary paper airplane. By using your mouse alone, you can attempt to throw the […]

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