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Flightglobal announces the winners of this year’s aviation web awards

Airline ticket refund site ChangeYourFlight, an Airbus A380 advertising campaign and mobile app Smart BRIEF CABIN have outfought rivals to be numbered among the winners of the Flightglobal Webbies 2011. The Webbies, now in its fourth year, celebrates the best and brightest in aviation websites and social media activities – and this time includes new and improved categories. We asked […]

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UPS 747

UPS requests freight ban exemption for special condom consignment

Photograph: AirSpace user commercial aviation At the end of ever year Flightglobal publication Flight International takes a look at how aviation contributes to humanitarian and good cause missions, such as the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital.Freight carrier UPS wants to carry out one such humanitarian flight: flying a consignment of condoms from Singapore to Sudan on […]

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The Calling screenshot.jpg

New documentary spotlights how aviation helps provide medical services in West Africa

Rex Pemberton’s forthcoming documentary ‘The Calling’ (screenshot above) features Medicine on the Move, a non-profit organisation based in Ghana that uses aviation as a vehicle to provide medical assistance in Ghana and soon, it hopes, in neighboring countries. In that regards it is much like a royal flying doctors service, but Medicine on the Move […]

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Putting the latest Wikileaks #AvCablegate cables in context

The latest batch of cables we’ve written about so far: Diplomatic help swayed Gulf Air to purchase 787s instead of A350s Saudi king wanted Air Force One-style upgrade in exchange for Boeing winning fleet renewal contract Boeing’s unlikely most-favourite nation: Turkmenistan? See our #AvCablegate feature page here. That governments directly lobby foreign governments to purchase […]

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Air New Zealand’s computer game-themed Christmas card

We’re still taking it easy for the holidays, so until we resume our normal coverage, enjoy this unique Christmas card video from–who else?–Air New Zealand, the airline known for its quirky videos.

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PICTURE: Christmas over, Santa returns to his regular job: de-icing aircraft

With the holidays upon us we thought we should with you this photo from AirSpace photographer sunshine band. Sunshine Band captioned the photo: “When he is not building toys for good boys and girls, he is de-icing aircraft at Bangor, Maine, USA.”

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Festive funnies dug out from the archive

Looking in the archive we can see how Flightglobal used to celebrate the festive period. Here are a couple of discoveries. 1942   the second year of lighthearted breaks in the serious business of wartime aviation 2000 Uncle Roger’s festive quiz After Christmas lunch, why not escape more indulgence by putting your aviation knowledge to the test with this […]

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Frontier A318

Frontier CEO Bryan Bedford cleans lavs, loads bags on ‘Undercover Boss’

Photograph: AirSpace user ksmd11 Bryan Bedford, the CEO of recently amalgamated Frontier Airlines (comprising Midwest Express and Republic Airways), is this week’s punter on the CBS show Undercover Boss. The premise is simple: a company’s boss goes incognito and carries out the less glamorous tasks at the company.Working on the front line is not unfamiliar […]

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Poles Apart

What does a Polish plumber – scourge of his counterpart in Western Europe since European Union enlargement in 2004 – have in common with the rejuvenation of his country’s aerospace industry? Find out in this week’s Comment piece.

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