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AgustaWestland pins hopes on civil market

AgustaWestland is the latest UK defence contractor to announcebig job cuts, with up to 375 people to be laid off, largely from its Yeovilfactory, in response to reduced helicopter purchases by the UK Ministry ofDefence as well as slowing export sales. The exact number of redundancies isyet to be determined, and the company has launched […]

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On this day in 1961 the Chinook performed its first flight

  The Chinook performed its first flight 50 years ago today and the rorotrcraft were introduced in 1962. For more information on the remarkable rotorcraft see Flightglobal’s profile and browse through the Flightglobal Image Store to buy images and cutaways of the aircraft.   Helicopter Profile: Boeing CH-47 Chinook Flightglobal Image Store – images and cutaways of the Chinook The Chinook […]

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Nine year old wows Vietnam Veterans with Huey memorabilia

A nine-year-old has fascinated US war veterans and the public with his homemade website of the Bell UH-1 Iroquois nicknamed the Huey Helicopter. Kevin Dutton’s fascination began after a helicopter landed in his school four years ago. Kevin began collecting its memorabilia and created the website as a school project which has gone on to prove […]

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Defence helicopters in the archive

To accompany this week’s magazine features on defence helicopters here are a few defence helicopter features from the Flightglobal archive. 1995: Apache wins UK heli battle 1995: A clash of cultures – Apache vs Eurocopter Tiger - Read Flight’s report about how France “deplores” the UK’s choice of the Westland/McDonnell Douglas WAH-64D Apache Longbow as its next attack helicopter, […]

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Video: helicopter opens bottle, shaves man

Who says you can’t teach a helicopter new tricks?A Siberian pilot “bored with conventional forms of flight”, Russia Today says, has learned how to have his helicopter perform, err, party tricks. The chopper opens a bottle, balances a glass of water on a spatula, and then shaves a man without scraping him.Personally, I would have […]

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Century of US naval aviation celebrated with commemorative designs

The US Navy has given a collection of military aircraft some decorative retro designs in honour of the 2011 Centennial of Naval Aviation celebration next month. Each squadron has adorned their aircraft with logos and symbols inspired by an historical aircraft or helicopter. Some examples of the new paint work include a TC-12B Huron from Training […]

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Boeing honours engineers to mark a 50th anniversary of American manned spaceflight

As the 50th anniversary of Alan Shepard’s first American manned spaceflight approaches on 5 May, the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE) decided it was time to recognise the achievement of the McDonnell Aircraft team of retired engineers and technicians who designed and built the Mercury spacecraft that took Shepard to space, and set […]

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Heli Expo 2011 coverage by Flightglobal

While some Flightglobal journalists flew off to cover Asian Aerospace, a few others took off to cover Heli Expo 2011. #HE11: Marenco launches first Swiss-made helicopter #HE11: Honeywell, Rolls-Royce forecasts signal 2012 market recovery HE11: Bell Helicopter updates civil 407, hints at new machine Heli- Expo: Turbomeca reveals helicopter engine revamp #HE11: Bell Helicopter unveils […]

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VIDEO: New aerial footage of 9/11 attacks made available

Take a look at this video, released last week, revealing “chilling images” (of the burning World Trade Centre) from a police helicopter during the 9/11 attacks. The officers were the only people allowed official access after after airspace was closed.

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Festive funnies dug out from the archive

Looking in the archive we can see how Flightglobal used to celebrate the festive period. Here are a couple of discoveries. 1942   the second year of lighthearted breaks in the serious business of wartime aviation 2000 Uncle Roger’s festive quiz After Christmas lunch, why not escape more indulgence by putting your aviation knowledge to the test with this […]

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