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James Bond autogyro creator unveils latest flying machine

A flying veteran, aged 94 has unveiled his latest flying machine according to a report from a UK daily news source. Ken Wallis who invented and pilot of the autogyro, took off in his miniature helicopter reaching speeds around 80mph. The autogyro, appeared in the 1967 James Bond film You Only Live Twice, uses natural air to […]

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On this day in 1997: Kamov Ka-52 Alligator performs first flight

Flight reported at the time that the Ka-52 Alligator combat helicopter, built at the Arsenyev Progress production plant in Russia, which flew for the first time today in 1997, would be flown in battlefield reconnaissance, target identification, distribution and hand-off roles. It is a two-seat variant of the Hokum equipped with the Phazotron FH-01 Arbalet (Crossbow) millimetre-wave […]

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Civil Helicopters in the archive

Have a look at this Flight article from 1957 on the development of the Fairey Rotodyne. Further on in the article you can marvel at the intricacies of the craft in our cutaway drawing. There are some great illustrations of the World’s (retro) Helicopters published in 1953. Flight ponders what the future holds for civil helicopters. Journalist Ian Parker wrote in […]

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A drone powered by an iPhone app

iPhone has a clever new app using the latest Augmented Reality (AR) technology that can power the Parrot “Augmented Reality” Drone – a four-bladed ‘quadricopter’ with a range of 50m (165ft). The drone has two small video cameras which record real-time pictures that are then sent to the phone’s screen, so you see what it sees. Interactive ‘enemy’ […]

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First Flights in 2009

What a year it has been for first flights! Amongst other first flights we had the EC175, G250, G650, A400M (finally), and Boeing 787 (finally!)For more information of these historical events, check out our coverage here: EC175 G250 G650 A400M B787  Flightglobal also reported on the second Boeing 787′s first flight a few days following […]

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UK Royal Family Chooses VIP S76 Sikorsky Helicopter

Cutaway of the S76. (More cutaways here.) From a Sikorsky statement: Sikorsky GlobalHelicopters, a business unit of Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., has delivered a newVIP S-76C++™ helicopter to the Royal Travel Office for use by the RoyalHousehold of the United Kingdom. Sikorsky is a subsidiary of UnitedTechnologies Corp.Sikorsky has providedhelicopters to support the Royal Family since […]

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VIDEO: British Army Elbit Hermes 450 near miss with Chinook

A British Army Elbit Systems Hermes 450 unmanned air vehicle had a near miss with a Boeing CH-47 Chinook while on operations in Afghanistan, Flight can reveal. About half way through the 37s video the Chinook comes into view and grows larger in the left hand side of the frame

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Michael Owen rents out his helicopter

Multiflight is offering to transport horse racing fans to a day at the races and arrive in style, using two luxurious Dauphin AS365 helicopters. One of these helicopters is owned by Newcastle’s striker Michael Owen.     Multiflight sold Michael the twin-engine Dauphin helicopter and it now maintains and operates the helicopter for the footballer under its […]

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Sikorsky X2 helicopter concept pictures

This blog posting is by Flight technical editor Rob Coppinger

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EASA: is it really that bad?

A special kind of scrutiny was applied to the European Aviation Safety Agency last week. On 27 September the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) imported five of the top executives from EASA, seated them behind a long desk facing a packed hall of industry people, allowed them a few words each to update the audience on […]

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