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The final resting place of N106US

In a dimmed hangar on the side of Charlotte-Douglas International Airport lies N106US, the US Airways Airbus A320 that landed on the Hudson River one chilly January morning in 2009. Edward Russell The famous “Miracle on the Hudson” aircraft is now an exhibit at the Carolinas Aviation Museum in Charlotte, North Carolina. Flight 1549 was […]

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Artists exhibit animated military aircraft from the Boneyard Project

  Why not head down to Tucson, Arizona, to see the latest exhibition in the Boneyard Project later this month? Artists have used abandoned aircraft from the US Air Force to create works of art from the “eccentric shapes” from the metal. Later this month (January 28) until May 31 you can see what the artists […]

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Was Lucky Lindy really first across the Atlantic?

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How about reverse engineering a 727?

My colleague Stephen Trimble today blogged over on The Dew Line that Iran plans to reverse-engineer its very own Lockheed Martin RQ-170 from the example of the US stealth drone its forces apparently shot down earlier this month. As Stephen suggests, good luck to them.Your correspondent back in October joined Boeing for a tour of […]

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Take advantage of a seasonal discount at the Flightglobal Image Store

Have you ventured out into the misty, cold and darkness and waded through the Autumn leaves to begin your Christmas shopping? Flightglobal has a better idea. Why not stay at home and do your holiday shopping online? This is especially appealing if you know certain friends or family members are excited by aircraft and things aviation.  Look no […]

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787 Tenth Anniversary Report

To make a Boeing 787 requires 62 miles of wiring (that’s a real Boeing-supplied fact) and enough carbon fibre to stretch to the Moon (I just made that up but it’s probably not far off). Even more impressively, the aircraft’s remarkable features – carbon composite structure, all-electric systems, big windows, higher cabin pressure, global supply […]

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On this day in 1961 the Chinook performed its first flight

  The Chinook performed its first flight 50 years ago today and the rorotrcraft were introduced in 1962. For more information on the remarkable rotorcraft see Flightglobal’s profile and browse through the Flightglobal Image Store to buy images and cutaways of the aircraft.   Helicopter Profile: Boeing CH-47 Chinook Flightglobal Image Store – images and cutaways of the Chinook The Chinook […]

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What it means to be a post-9/11 airline

It has been a decade since the terrorist attacks in America.That decade wrought changes, including a new meaning of what it means to be an airline. Perhaps surprisingly to anyone who recently went through airport security, its essence is a heightening of many of the same themes that gave aviation its attraction in the first […]

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BAe 146 first flight

  Image credit BAe (British Aerospace) 146 performed its first flight on 3 Septmeber 1981 but the aircraft design is based on the Hawker Siddely HS 146 as described in an article in 1973. See also the cutaway drawing in the piece. In the article BAe 146 described, published in the 2 May 1981 issue of […]

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Nine year old wows Vietnam Veterans with Huey memorabilia

A nine-year-old has fascinated US war veterans and the public with his homemade website of the Bell UH-1 Iroquois nicknamed the Huey Helicopter. Kevin Dutton’s fascination began after a helicopter landed in his school four years ago. Kevin began collecting its memorabilia and created the website as a school project which has gone on to prove […]

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