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Pan Am TV series takes you back to when flying was the fun part of travel

  Remember when you could smoke in the aircraft cabin? Remember when the cockpit door was always open and you could request to go and have a chat with the pilot? Remember when you could show up five to 10 minutes before your flight, purchase your ticket and go, and air hostesses were hired for their looks […]

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Vintage aircraft still flying

How to enjoy aircraft: Pore over old aircraft photographs, revisit the news and features written at the time by Flight since 1909, wander around aircraft museums admiring aircraft restorations. But perhaps the most fulfilling way, for the aviation-minded, is to experience them still gracing the skies. An experience many would describe as bringing tears to […]

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Oman Air sponsors paraplegic microlight pilot flying the Kangaroo Route

Airlines sponsor a lot of events and activities, but this occurrence really caught my attention. Oman Air will sponsor Dave Sykes’s record-breaking microlight flight in his P&M Aviation Quik microlight aircraft (above) from the UK to Australia, the so-called “Kangaroo Route” normally served by the likes of the Airbus A380 and Boeing 747. Sykes, who is a […]

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10th anniversary of RAF C-17 operations

The UK Royal Air Force will complete its first 10 years of flying Boeing’s C-17 transport, with its use of the type continuing to run well above planned rates. Seven of the tactical heavy airlifters are now assigned to 99 Sqn and flown from the RAF’s transport super-base at Brize Norton in Oxfordshire. The unit’s […]

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DC-6 diner at Coventry Airport

Coventry Airport isn’t up there on my list of desireable places to eat, but after reading about how a Douglas DC-6 has been converted into a restaurant, I might just be tempted to visit. The aircraft has been restored to its original 1950s passenger configuration with seating for around 60 diners And what better use of an […]

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VIDEO: Battle of Britain Memorial Flight rehearse Royal Wedding aerial salute

As the UK gears up for the pomp and pageantry of the royal nuptials tomorrow, there have been two very important rehearsals being performed. Catherine Middleton and William Wales have been busy rehearsing their vows in Westminster Abbey, while pilots of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight have been rehearsing the aerial salute which will be seen and […]

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In the archive: Iconic front cover images

  This image is a heatmapped collection of some of Flight Magazine’s iconic front covers.  As you will no doubt already be aware, Flightglobal has scanned in every issue, with a few exceptions, published since 2 January 1909 amounting to some 210,000 pdf pages. However, there are some pages are missing. But, thankfully with your help, Flightglobal has been able to […]

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Airbase Museum at Coventry Airport unveils its star attraction

A vintage Shackleton WR963 aircraft has been restored to its natural colours for display at Coventry Airport’s new Airbase Museum, and will be the top attraction when the museum opens on April 22.   It has taken a team of 15 vintage aircraft enthusiasts 18 months to restore the marine patrol aircraft to the original […]

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Lego aircraft carrier replica

British Ed Diment has successfully completed building a 22ft long Lego replica of the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier.   The model weighs a huge 550lbs and has been made using over 250, 000 bricks. Ed based the replica on the carrier’s blueprint plans, and due to its accuracy the model has been valued at $50, 000. The model is now on display in the […]

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RAF Museum celebrates St George’s and ANZAC Day

The RAF museum in Hendon, London, will be hosting special events for children to celebrate St George’s Day and ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) Day on the weekend of April 23 to 24.   Children will be able to make their own dragon, which they can take home at the end of the […]

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