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Parallels: Gossamer Condor and Aurora Flight Science’s SunLight Eagle

Aurora Flight Sciences‘ unmanned aircraft SunLight Eagle flew on 12 May. The solar-powered, 34.7m (114ft) wingspan, 75kg (165lb) UAV became airborne at New Mexico State University’s Physical Science Laboratory Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight Test Center at Las Cruces airport. Continue reading… A colleague and I thought this looked similar to the Gossamer Condor? What do you […]

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Zanonia palm inspired German aircraft

In response to Aimee Turner’s post in her Future Proof blog about the hoverfly’s inspiration for an aircraft’s wing… I found a feature in Flight’s PDF archive on the evolution of the Etrich “Taube” monoplane. The article, published in February 1915 explains that the different types of Etrich machines are designated by the names of various birds, “owing […]

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Calling all historical aviation buffs – we need your help?

We have created a gallery dedicated to the significant historical moments in the 100 year history of the Paris Air Show, with over 100 images of aviation’s premier show taken from the Flight archives.But we need your help! These images have been taken from our archives but unfortunately do not have specific data about the […]

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Hindenburg disaster.jpg

PICTURE & VIDEO – On this day in 1937: The Hindenburg tragedy occurred

Picture credit: CSU Archv/Everett/Rex Features The Hindenburg was the largest commercial dirigible ever built but on this day 72 years ago the hydrogen filled airship spectacularly burst into flames when it touched its mooring mast in Lakehurst, New Jersey. There were around 100 people on board yet the disaster killed 36 passengers. In this video we […]

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On this day in 1918: Red Baron pilot Manfred von Richthofen died in action

Manfred von Richthofen, a German fighter pilot in the First World War known as the “Red Baron” was shot down and killed in a Fokker triplane No. 2,009, with Le Rhone engines, made in Frankfurt the previous month. Flight published pictures of the funeral cortege and in this extract, questioned how the flying “ace” came to […]

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