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CAPTION COMPETITION: Women in aviation

Enter this caption competition to win a copy of The 100 Greatest Women in Aviation by Liz Moscrop and Sanjay Rampal, which includes profiles of the first woman to have a pilot’s licence, Elise Raymonde Deroche, Amelia Earhart, Nancy Bird Walton and Amy Johnston. What is going on in this picture? Post your caption in the […]

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Festive funnies dug out from the archive

Looking in the archive we can see how Flightglobal used to celebrate the festive period. Here are a couple of discoveries. 1942   the second year of lighthearted breaks in the serious business of wartime aviation 2000 Uncle Roger’s festive quiz After Christmas lunch, why not escape more indulgence by putting your aviation knowledge to the test with this […]

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PICTURES: Captured beasts and fallen trophies: Harrier and Jaguar at London’s Tate Britain

Artist Fiona Banner unveiled her latest exhibition yesterday at the Tate Britain, of two decommissioned fighter aircraft models of aircraft the Sea Harrier and the Sepecat Jaguar. Banner, who was shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 2002, is better-known in the art world for her “wordscapes”, or hand-written and printed texts that retell in her own words entire […]

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PICTURE: John Travolta arriving in South Africa for the World Cup

Pilot and actor John Travolta flew into Lanseria, South Africa, in his Boeing 707 from Buenos Aires into the ExecuJet facility. With him were wife Kelly Preston, and daughter Ella, to support the Australian national team in the World Cup. ExecuJet South Africa is set to do record business during June and July. Its FBO facility […]

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Swiss Flower Power A340

No, it’s the not the 1970s (you’re on the internet after all) and nor are you looking at Braniff’s fluoro jets. It’s the A340 Swiss used to inaugurate its new route to San Francisco. As the airline’s photos (here and here) and video (below) show, a lot of effort went into making the grooviest aircraft […]

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Have World Cup, Have Airline Marketing Subversion

Emirates may be the official sponsor of the World Cup, but that hasn’t stopped other airlines–who cannot promote the World Cup–from quietly giving support to and promotion of soccer’s (football’s) biggest event.In 2006 Lufthansa painted the nose cone of an A340 to replicate a soccer ball (football) and now British Airways has joined in with […]

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ANIMATION: Volcano ash empties UK airspace

Data from around 06:30 today (15 April) shows a virtual absence of aircraft in the northern UK as a result of restrictions on air traffic. A big thank you to the Planeplotter and John Locker for this great graphic highlighting the quietness above.

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IN PICTURES: Iceland’s volcanic eruption (updated)

An ash cloud originating from a volcano beneath the Eyjafjallajokull glacier in southwest Iceland is currently causing havoc in northern European airspace. Here are some images from this unusual environmental event: Friday April 16th NEODAAS/University of Dundee, received by NASA’s Terra Satellite    Another radar picture update below, this time with the ash cloud superimposed […]

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Russia’s Kuban Rebrands With Sunflowers

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear ‘Russia’?Chances are sunflowers aren’t one of them.But that’s exactly the motif sported on Kuban’s new livery, designed by UK-based Honour Branding. The livery appears on two B737s leased from ILFC, Honour Branding says. The B737s are at East Midlands Airport awaiting to fly back to […]

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Zero-G Wedding

How to Have an Aviation-Themed Valentine’s Day

For thousands, there’s no better day to marry than on Valentine’s Day. And if you’re into aviation, there’s no better way to celebrate than in some of these fashions:1. Have your wedding photos taken at the airportIn Kuala Lumpur, one couple had their wedding photos taken at AirAsia’s low-cost terminal. They chose the airport because […]

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