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The final resting place of N106US

In a dimmed hangar on the side of Charlotte-Douglas International Airport lies N106US, the US Airways Airbus A320 that landed on the Hudson River one chilly January morning in 2009. Edward Russell The famous “Miracle on the Hudson” aircraft is now an exhibit at the Carolinas Aviation Museum in Charlotte, North Carolina. Flight 1549 was […]

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A380 wing cracks don’t spell more financial trouble for costly programme

Airbus has hit arough patch this year with revelations that cracks are developing in the wingson its A380 superjumbos, a problem first identified on three Qantas andSingapore Airlines aircraft back in January. But while the problem has attractedmuch media attention and is being taken seriously by Airbus engineers, theaccountants are non-plussed. Yesterdayin Paris, EADS chief […]

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VIDEO: Crazy crosswinds showcase pilot expertise

Videos of landing aircraft in challenging conditions is nothing new, but this video – currently popular on YouTube – showcases how an afternoon of bad weather at Düsseldorf airport can make landing an aircraft a real test of skill for pilots.

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Qantas forced to turn off engine during flight, again

A Qantas Airways Airbus A380 was forced to take a diversion from its scheduled flight from Singapore to London, due to an oil problem, causing one of its four Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines to shut down. Flight QF31 flew for around two-and-a-half hours with only three functioning engines before landing safely in Dubai. The aircraft […]

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Innovation where it matters most

Full marks to Lyon-Saint Exupery airport for deploying technology to good effect. Noting that “wait times to pass through security are often a source of stress for passengers”, the airport now features signs on the public side of the concourse indicating estimated time from the end of the queue to the security gates, to help […]

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How 9/11 changed the world of airline and airport security

Since the two aircraft ploughed into the twin towers in New York and other attacks on the US Pentagon, airport and airline security has had to change to prevent hijacks and ground attacks. But it has affected the ease of people travelling. Flight has reported on developments from the security industry including a Honeywell device to be fitted to Boeing 787s […]

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Asiana A321.jpg

South Korean soliders fire 99 rounds of bullets on Asiana A321

An Asiana A321 with 119 passengers and crew members onboard is the latest jet to come under bullet fire as two South Korean soldiers fired 99 rounds from their K-2 rifles over ten minutes towards the jet last Friday, AFP reports.The jet descending to Seoul’s Incheon airport managed to escape any harm as it was […]

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Airbus presentation on revised stall recovery

This presentation by Airbus test pilot Xavier Lesceu (click here), given before a performance and operations conference in Dubai in May 2011, contains a detailed explanation of the blanket revision of procedures for stall recovery adopted last year. It’s particularly interesting to read in light of the revelations about Air France flight AF447, notably the observation […]

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AF447: After two long years, six short minutes

France’s Bureau d’Enquetes et d’Analyses has released details of the final few minutes of flight AF447, following the two-year recovery effort to retrieve the Airbus A330′s flight-data and cockpit-voice recorders. Presented here are the main sections of the BEA’s statement (in bold) and an explanation of the significance of each point:   01:35:46 The controller […]

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EK A380 lightning strike.jpg

How lightning safely struck that Emirates A380

The above screenshot of an Emirates A380 being struck by lightning while on approach to London Heathrow (full video below) may look scary, but our operations and safety editor David Learmount reminds us aircraft are designed to withstand such events.As he told the Daily Mail in an interview: ‘Planes get hit by lightning several times […]

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