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VIDEO: Buzz Aldrin visits the Flightglobal chalet

Legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin visited the Flightglobal media chalet and joined our Paris Live show to take about his new book “Mission to Mars”. Aldrin offered his views on how mankind should ignite a new space programme to rival the Apollo moon missions.Find out more news and views from the Paris air show.

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Watching Felix Baumgartner jump from space

Felix Baumgartner space jump.

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United Technology – less the Rocketdyne technology part

Three messages come out of the move by United Technologies – parent company of Sikorsky, Pratt & Whitney and Hamilton Sundstrand – to rejig its plans for actually paying the $16.5 billion it’s soon going to have to lay down to close its acquisition of Goodrich. One: we’re not in 2007 anymore. Back in those […]

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Space Shuttle Mission: STS-135 – We have lift off for the final time

Today brings the final Space Shuttle launch of Atlantis for mission STS-135, from Kennedy Space Center in Florida – weather permitting. Atlantis will, says NASA, carry the Raffaello multipurpose logistics module to deliver more than 3.5 tonnes (8,000lb) of supplies and spare parts to the International Space Station. It will also fly a system to […]

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In the archive: Iconic front cover images

  This image is a heatmapped collection of some of Flight Magazine’s iconic front covers.  As you will no doubt already be aware, Flightglobal has scanned in every issue, with a few exceptions, published since 2 January 1909 amounting to some 210,000 pdf pages. However, there are some pages are missing. But, thankfully with your help, Flightglobal has been able to […]

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Twitter winners to provide coverage of final Space Shuttle launch

NASA has chosen 150 Twitter users to watch the final launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour on Friday 29 April, following a competition that took place last month.   The winners come from all around the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Venezuela, Switzerland and the UK. Collectively the winners will share informative […]

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Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic now hiring astronauts

Photograph: AirSpace user Thierry Boccon How would you like to work for this guy? That’s right, folks, Virgin Galactic is hiring.The company, set to be the world’s first private spaceline, is seeking applicants for the new position of “Pilot-Astronaut” who will work with the programme’s development and then ultimately fly the paying punters, officially christened […]

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In the archive: 50th anniversary of first human spaceflight

Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin orbited Earth in 108-minute flight on this day in 1961. This is how Flight recorded the event.  But he never made a second spaceflight, the world-wide impact of his pioneer achievement was so great that he retired there and then… Gagarin died in a training flight in March 1968. Flight reporter Maurice […]

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A roundup of how airlines celebrated April Fools’

Airlines this year got into the full swing of celebrating April Fools’, announcing, err “announcing”, initiatives ranging from charging passenger tickets based on weight to child-free flights to time travel. While airlines tried to have a laugh, some readers took the ruse seriously and were disappointed when they found out the truth. Here’s a compilation: […]

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Richard Branson

Richard Branson purchases Pluto with hope to reinstate it as planet

British billionaire Sir Richard Branson is hoping to set a can-do example for “struggling entrepreneurs facing setbacks” by purchasing Pluto, his Virgin company has today announced. Branson’s Virgin Galactic company will bulk up Pluto with a special deep space vehicle that “has a special harness to collect asteroids and space debris, which it will drag […]

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