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Boeing honours engineers to mark a 50th anniversary of American manned spaceflight

As the 50th anniversary of Alan Shepard’s first American manned spaceflight approaches on 5 May, the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE) decided it was time to recognise the achievement of the McDonnell Aircraft team of retired engineers and technicians who designed and built the Mercury spacecraft that took Shepard to space, and set […]

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VIDEO: Capt James T Kirk rouses Discovery astronauts on final day

The crew of space shuttle Discovery received a wake up call today. day 12 of the shuttle’s final mission. Before they set to work they were roused by the voice of William Shatner, (who played Captain James Tiberius Kirk on the original Star Trek television series) with Alexander Courage’s theme song in the background. Shatner […]

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Discovery’s final launch as seen from above

A Space Shuttle launch is an awesome sight, and seeing it from above on a cruising aircraft is all that more humbling. A one Neil Monday had that latter opportunity–and filmed it–on a commercial flight from Orlando airport as Discovery embarked on her final trip into space. You can read more about the Space Shuttle, […]

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Interview with Virgin Galactic’s Will Whitehorn has an interesting interview with Virgin Galactic President Will Whitehorn. Whitehorn had been with Virgin for over two decades. He frequently worked alongside Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson, which earned him the title as Branson’s right-hand man, although Whitehorn plays down the nickname.In the interview Whitehorn talks about the early days of the Virgin […]

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VIDEO: Attack of the multi-million dollar space balloon

You know its not your day when your expensive balloon launch goes walkabout in the outback:  Read more from ABC News

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Lunokhod-2 found 37 years later by lunar expert

A Canadian lunar expert has discovered the whereabouts of the long-lost lunar rover Lunokhod-2. It was sent up to the Moon in January 1973 by the then Soviet Union, and landed at the Monnier crater disappearing after covering 35km (21miles) and sending back images of moon rocks and craters. Lunokhod 2 carried an X-ray telescope, a soil-analysis spectrometer […]

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Spandau Ballet to perform in space on Virgin Galactic’s Enterprise

Picture credit – Rex Features I have it on good authority that Spandau Ballet will be the first band to perform in space on Virgin Galactic’s Enterprise. The band will perform outside the Earth’s atmosphere when commercial flights begin on Sir Richard Branson’s new commercial spacecraft, Enterprise, unveiled Tuesday.  Spandau Ballet will have five minutes of […]

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Nixon Quotes from Apollo 11 Arrival

When the Apollo 11 astronauts arrived on the USS Hornet, US President Richard Nixon was on hand to greet them–and say some quirky remarks.With the help of Apollo 11 transcripts, here are some of his quotes.After saying he spoke to the astronauts’ wives: And also, I’ve got to let you in on a little secret […]

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NY Times Retracts 1920 Article Saying Spaceflight Impossible

It’s always good to set the record straight, even if it’s embarrassing.On 17 July 1969, the day after Apollo 11′s launch, the New York Times issued this correction over a 1920 story it ran saying spaceflight is impossible. [via @mathewi on Twitter]

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Apollo’s Legacy is Hurting NASA

This post was written by Will Horton, Flight’s Washington, D.C. internToday, you will undoubtedly hear multiple times, is the fortieth anniversary of when man walked on a celestial body other than our own–the Moon. It was a grand feat, but one question still looms in the minds of some of the foremost individuals involved in […]

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