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MAV 08 part two: Podcast

This blog posting is by Flight technical editor Rob Coppinger

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MAV 08 part one: From Agra to Kashmir and the Sunni triangle of Iraq

Flight technical editor Rob Coppinger writes about the 1st US-Asian demonstration and assessment of micro aerial vehicles (MAV) and unmanned ground vehicle technology, the latest in a series of US military sponsored events encouraging MAV development

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Puma video online

This is a random UAV blog by Flight technical reporter Rob Coppinger

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EASA: is it really that bad?

A special kind of scrutiny was applied to the European Aviation Safety Agency last week. On 27 September the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) imported five of the top executives from EASA, seated them behind a long desk facing a packed hall of industry people, allowed them a few words each to update the audience on […]

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Barracuda - EADS.jpg

EADS’s Barracuda UCAV swims with the fishes

Sea food is well and truly off the menu at EADS this week, following the embarrassing loss of its Barracuda unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) demonstrator to an accident. The 3t air vehicle – named after a long, slender fish – returned to the sea in a so-far unexplained ditching near the end of a […]

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Identified Flying Objects, nothing like the A380

Every now and then in aerospace research the man in his workshop can actually come up with something that the technology behemoths of Boeing and EADS and Lockheed Martin cannot.

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From Fallujah to, Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Robots are often used in the media to instil fear with Frankenstein like stories of the scientist and corporation having gone to far with a humanoid machine destroying all before it. But on today’s battlefield, and for this US Army sponsored event, and for the war of tomorrow the robots will, apparently, look more like […]

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Parc life

Craig Hoyle / ParcAberporth You have to hand it to the backers of the ParcAberporth unmanned air vehicle centre of excellence in west Wales – they certainly have vision. Welsh Assembly first minister Rhodri Morgan proudly coined the flight demonstration at the site on 7 September as a “flyerless Farnborough” or a “pilotless Paris”. But […]

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No engine, no pilot, no problem

Although the US Air Force has got into difficulties with its RQ-4A Global Hawks, the incident that sparked the trouble is actually quite comforting. One of our reporters listened in as military controllers warned nearby aircraft that a Global Hawk was returning Edwards AFB after an engine failure. It’s the sort of situation that, if […]

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The Great Debate: UAV vs UAS

As far as unmanned aviation has come in the last decade, it remains the rare niche aviation market that can’t agree on what to call its signature product. As an acronym, do we call them a UAV, UA or UAS? As a word, should we describe them as unmanned, uninhabited or unpiloted? Never one to […]

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