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Flightglobal’s video review of the week: Destruction, historical events and a non-propulsion engineer!

This week has seen some astonishing videos from Firstly, came the Georgian UAV that was spectacularly caught on camera being decimated by a MiG-29: Next comes the harrowing images from Da Nang in 1975, where there scenes of rampant panic to board the World Airways 727 as it came in on a mercy mission: […]

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Flightglobal’s video review of the week: Low-flying antics,Terminal 5 rap songs and Ironman

This week’s review starts with some crazy helicopter flying, just like the television show Airwolf used to show on a weekly basis. Taken from our forum AirSpace, the B0-105 is flown from the great Charlie Zimmermann: hélicopter-The Flying Tiger by unknown_002

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Flightglobal’s video review of the week

We start this week with our very own Flightblogger, who appeared on CNN to comment on the recent high number of flight inspections and cancellations in America:

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