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United Airlines passenger flies 10 millionth mile, more than any astronaut

When Tom Stuker (right) touches down in Chicago today on United Airlines flight 942 from Los Angeles, he will have flown 10 million miles on United, become the carrier’s–and possibly world’s–first known person to achieve that status.The Chicago-based automotive sales consultant joined the carrier’s Mileage Plus frequent flyer programme in 1982 and since then has […]

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Final tally of Paris air show orders #PAS11

We’re wrapping up the Paris air show and bar any successful last-minute negotiation, we think we’ve managed to list all of the commercial orders for 100 seats or more that were announced (either firm, MoU, or announced but previously disclosed) at the 2011 Paris air show.(If the jet fuel is getting to us and we […]

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Photo collage of neo galore orders during the last week #PAS11

The last week has seen an onslaught of orders for the Airbus A320neo family, most placed during this week’s Paris air show. Here’s a visual representation of all of the orders (a caveat: Air Lease and Alafco were left out as no visual renderings were released with their purchase).

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Caption this photo: Airbus gives Embraer A380 model after wingtip incident #PAS11

Airbus says that chief executive Tom Enders gave his Embraer counterpart, Fred Curado, a model of an A380 as a “piece” offering after the wing of Airbus’s demonstration A380 hit Embrarer’s building at Le Bourget airport on the Sunday before the Paris air show. (See photos of the damage here.)What caption do you have for […]

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Paris air show day four orders so far #PAS11

Here is the latest–and likely final–order tally for Thursday of the Paris air show.Notes: the AirAsia A320neo order did not include any options in the final signed contract. Although Airbus announced the order of 10 A380 aircraft was from an undisclosed customer, it is to our understanding the order is from Hong Kong Airlines.

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PAS11 orders Weds 530pm.jpg

#PAS11 day three orders so far

For aircraft above 99 seats:

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Witticisms from John Leahy during the Paris air show #PAS11

Photo: Sipa Press/Rex Features Airbus chief salesman John Leahy is known for his wit and goading, and day two of the Paris air show did not disappoint.The company’s second order announcement press conference was delayed when the anonymous airline customer was involved in a minor road incident, we were told. Although they were fine, they […]

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Parisian parking lessons, widebody aircraft style #PAS11

The 20111 Paris air show is offering some valuable lessons in aircraft parking skills.First on Sunday was the now infamous incident of Airbus’s demonstration A380 that hit a building while taxiing at Le Bourget and subsequently lost its starboard wingtip fence, and became an Airbust. Korean Air permitted Airbus to perform with its A380, in […]

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Comac brings C919 cabin mock-up to Paris #PAS11

Comac has brought to the Paris Air Show the cabin mock-up of its planned indigenous narrow-body aircraft, the C919. The mock-up was first shown at last November’s Zhuhai air show, where the aircraft secured its first orders.At Zhuhai we got a peek inside the Boeing Sky Interior-meets-A350-style mock-up, which is here at Paris. See the […]

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South Korean soliders fire 99 rounds of bullets on Asiana A321

An Asiana A321 with 119 passengers and crew members onboard is the latest jet to come under bullet fire as two South Korean soldiers fired 99 rounds from their K-2 rifles over ten minutes towards the jet last Friday, AFP reports.The jet descending to Seoul’s Incheon airport managed to escape any harm as it was […]

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