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Q&A with Jay Carter, president of Carter Aviation Technologies

Jay Carter began building model aircraft at a young age, entered the wind turbine business and broke into the rotorcraft industry with Bell Helicopter before going solo as president of Carter Aviation Technologies. What is your aviation history? My first company was in the wind turbine business. I began it in 1976 and sold it […]

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Q&A with Leslie Orr, ADS manager

ADS manager for Northern Ireland Leslie Orr is passionate about helping member companies within the region’s aerospace, defence and security industries to survive and thrive in the global downturn. How did you get your start in aviation? As a 16-year-old school RAF Air Cadet, I remember being strapped into a glider at Lossiemouth air base […]

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Q&A with Joanna Stanley: from cabin crew to aviation litigation

(Photo: Clyde & Co) Londoner Joanna Stanley studied law at the London School of Economics, but took time out to work as an Emirates crew member before returning home and joining the aviation litigation team at Clyde & Co. Why did you study law? I was living in Tokyo and had been watching too many re-runs […]

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