Flightblogger Exclusive: Window Seats

There has been an ongoing debate inside the aviation enthusiast community since the beginning of the 787 program. The question has been repeated more times than I can count:

Are the 787 windows really any bigger?

I would like once and for all to put this debate to rest.

They ARE bigger. In fact, they are HUGE.

18.4 inches tall by 10.7 inches wide.
We’ve heard the numbers and we’ve seen the pictures. What follows are the actual window frames developed by Alenia that are slated to be installed on Dreamliner Two. One day in the not so distant future, a passenger will look out this window on a flight on an All Nippon Airways 787. To illustrate the actual size of these windows there is a tape measure in the picture that shows the size of the window in both metric and English units. They are at full resolution so you can read them clearly. Please feel free to click the images to view the larger versions.

The final image is the Dreamliner Two Center Fuselage (which will receive these window frames) in all her glory being assembled by the Charleston “Dream Team” which has identified, tackled and solved the challenges placed in front of them with extraordinary skill and grace. The work they are doing is truly incredible. Since this photo was taken, there has been significant work done on the center fuselage section including the installation of ducting, insulation and other key systems.

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