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Riddle Me This, Part Three in a Series

Here we go again…L/N 14:Q: You could remove a word from this airline’s name, and be left with the the name of another airline. I don’t think their respective crews would get along, though.A: China Southern L/N 15: Q: Multiply this one’s line number with that of its older sister, and you get the numerical […]

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Finding Regularity

It appears as though the LCF routes operated by Evergreen (previously BOE632 and BOE876) are going to have consistent flight numbers than previously thought: PAE-IAB – EIA5104PAE-NGO – EIA5169PAE-CHS – EIA5106PAE-ANC – EIA5109ANC-NGO – EIA5109IAB-CHS – EIA5146CHS-PAE – EIA5169CHS-TAR – EIA5162NGO-PAE – EIA5180TAR-PIK – EIA5127 JFK was used on July 24 as a WX diversion […]

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To Ten or Not to Ten?

Dominic Gates penned a spot-on piece in yesterday’s Seattle Times. He examined the battle brewing between the Boeing and Airbus on the future of the 350 seat market. First off, it’s worth noting that the fact that these strategic decisions are being made on both sides ultimately validates the two-engine point-to-point strategy. However, Boeing cannot […]

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