Riddle Me This, Part Four in a Series

A final go ’round…L/N 19:
Q: If John Madden’s friend would rearrange the letters in the name of his store, he’d have the initials of this airline.
A: China Eastern Airlines

L/N 20:
Q: Finally, a level playing field to compete with their arch-rival!
A: Japan Airlines

L/N 21:
Q: Some people might misspell this airline’s name, but I bet you wouldn’t.

L/N 22:
Q: Mall record stores wouldn’t sell the album as originally titled, so the spelling was reversed to a more acceptable efil4zaggin for them.

he final five…

L/N 23:
35 00 N, 105 00 E 90 Degrees

L/N 24:
“You want me to chuck a crustacean onto a plastic doll?!”

L/N 25:
Perhaps the most notoriously bureaucratic airline in the world, let alone the subcontinent.

L/N 26:
Please refrain from yelling “Free Eritrea!” at the crew.

L/N 27:
When I go to bed at night, I like to sleep under a nice down comforter.