Riddle Me This, Part Three in a Series

Here we go again…L/N 14:
Q: You could remove a word from this airline’s name, and be left with the the name of another airline. I don’t think their respective crews would get along, though.
A: China Southern

L/N 15:
Q: Multiply this one’s line number with that of its older sister, and you get the numerical part of the model designation of the airplane whose nose some say resembles the 787′s.
A: China Southern

L/N 16:
Q: Jinju and Narrabri might not be at the top of your list of future destinations. But combine their codes, rearrange the letters, and you have it!
A: Hainan Airlines

L/N 17:
Q: Duck.
A: Air China

L/N 18:
Q: There was a band that was known for wearing giant stove pipe hats on stage at their shows, in the style of Abe Lincoln, after whom they named one of their albums. On that album, they sang a song about a lady with a Vietnamese last name.

he next round…

L/N 19:
If John Madden’s friend would rearrange the letters in the name of his store, he’d have the initials of this airline.

L/N 20:
Finally, a level playing field to compete with their arch-rival!

L/N 21:

Some people might misspell this airline’s name, but I bet you wouldn’t.

L/N 22:
Mall record stores wouldn’t sell the album as originally titled, so the spelling was reversed to a more acceptable efil4zaggin for them.