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I’ve been away on a much needed extended vacation and lots happened this weekend. Section 44 and 46 for Dreamliner Three arrived from Italy wrapped in black plastic on Tuesday. Sections 43, 45/11 are expected early in the morning on Wednesday from Japan. Flight is operating as EIA5186.

While I stepped away there was a lot of news about the 787. Here’s a good rundown if you missed any of it:

Boeing’s Tall Order: On-Time 787
Wall Street Journal
By J. Lynn Lunsford

Boeing Co.’s top leaders say it is possible to overcome a nearly four-month delay in the 787 Dreamliner program and deliver the first jet on time in May. Industry observers and a number of the plane’s suppliers say it would be the aerospace equivalent of hitting a hole in one on a golf course.

Fired engineer calls 787′s plastic fuselage unsafe
Seattle Times
By Dominic Gates

A former senior aerospace engineer at Boeing’s Phantom Works research unit, fired last year under disputed circumstances, is going public with concerns that the new 787 Dreamliner is unsafe.

Fastner problem could prove longer term hindrance to Boeing
Flight International
By Stephen Trimble

A deeper and more widespread fastener shortage than previously thought may continue to hamper 787 production long after the first aircraft is fully assembled and in flight test.

One mildly self-indulgent news item:

A jet to help Boston’s dreams take off
The Boston Globe
By Peter J Howe

When Boeing Co.’s new 787 Dreamliner jet takes to the skies sometime this winter, it will represent an envelope-pushing engineering triumph for everything from fuel efficiency to advanced composite materials.

It also will represent Boston’s first hope in years for getting regular nonstop service to China, India, and East Asia. By dint of its size and range – and its ability to take off from Logan International Airport’s biggest runways with a full load of fuel – the 787 is expected to be the first jet that airlines can profitably fly nonstop between Boston and major Asian cities.

And a little (very important) historical context:

Making it Fly: Boeing 757
Seattle Times (1983)
By Peter Rinearson

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