Update Rundown: First Flight Delayed

The conference call ended a little while ago and I wanted to give a rundown of what we heard.

It’s worth noting that this writer attempted to ask a question on the call and was blocked from doing so.

Now to the key points:

- First flight has been delayed. It is expected to take place somewhere between Mid-November and Mid-December. Entry into service is still set for May 2008.

- The cause of the delay is two parts. Problem was first reported here at Flightblogger.
1. Temporary fasteners
– Lack of documentation
- Unavailability of permanent fasteners.
- 700something left to be installed.

2. Flight control software
– It’s just not ready yet and working with Honeywell to resolve issues.

- Carson: A 1-3 month delivery day will not carry financial penalties.

- Aeroflot finalized its order for 787 bringing the total orders to 706

- Trent 1000 engines certified August 8. GENx certification program is proceeding.

- Once the flight test program begins a new aircraft will join 2-3 weeks. Testing will happen 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There is almost no buffer left.

- Boeing confirmed the re-sequencing of deliveries. The fatigue test will jump in front of Dreamliner Two which is now set to arrive in October.

- Static test rig will move to 40-23 later this month.