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The Unidentified Nose

It was initially reported on this blog on November 27 that the nose section (PHOTO) delivered one day prior from Wichita was identified as belonging to Dreamliner Two (ZA002). This delivery would’ve been early as major structures are not scheduled to arrive until late December. Flightblogger has learned that the nose section was improperly identified […]

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Mark Your Calendars: 787 Maiden Flight March 31

Buried amongst paragraphs about 777F flight training and the 787 stretch in this week’s commentary from Scott Hamilton, was a subtly placed sentence: The first flight of the 787 is planned for March 31. After poking around a bit, this blogger has learned that this date for first flight date comes from a very senior […]

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(R)eady (S)et Go!

One largely unreported story from Dubai is beginning to gain a bit of clarity: Green aircraft to replace 737 By Ivan Gale, Staff Reporter In the next 18 months, Boeing expects to arrive at a design template for the 737 replacement, with “notional entry into service” around the middle of the next decade. “The […]

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The AF/KLM Factor

A story floated out on the other side of the Atlantic yesterday while the US was enjoying its Thanksgiving dinner that has serious implications for both major aircraft manufacturers. Air France/KLM, soaring after it announced a doubling of its profit, is soliciting bids from Airbus and Boeing for up to 100 new widebody long range […]

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Etihad A340-600 Preliminary Timeline of Events

The following is the timeline of events from the Etihad A340-600 accident last week: FROM : AIRBUS FLIGHT SAFETY DEPARTMENT TOULOUSE SUBJECT: A340-600 – MSN 856 – ACCIDENT IN PRODUCTION OUR REF.: F-WWCJ AIT 2 DATED 20th OF NOVEMBER 2007 PREVIOUS REF: F-WWCJ AIT 1 DATED 16th OF NOVEMBER 2007 THIS AIT IS AN UPDATE […]

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Flightblogger Archives

As promised, the original Flightblogger has been moved over to Please enjoy all the pages which are now all in one place. September 2007 August 2007 July 2007 June 2007 May 2007 April 2007 March 2007

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Etihad A340-600 Accident Photos

A follow-up to the earlier post. When you see these up-close photos of the scope of the damage to the aircraft it’s even more amazing that no one was killed. Truly a miracle.

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Talking about the -10

I sat down with Addison Schonland and Scott Hamilton of AirInsight, LLC this morning to record a podcast about the 787-10. Image Courtesy The Boeing Company

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The -10 Dilemma

There’s been a good amount of discussion generated in the wake of Dubai about how Boeing should respond to the A350-1000. I penned post in early August (To -10 or not to -10) asking this exact question. According to Scott Hamilton’s commentary this week, Boeing is toying with the idea of growing the -10 to […]

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On Its Own Fourteen Wheels

PICTURE: First Airbus A400M flight-test aircraft rests on landing gear By Andrew Doyle has obtained an image of the first Airbus Military A400M flight-test aircraft resting on its own landing gear at the final assembly line near Seville, Spain. The transport is awaiting installation of its composite wing and empennage, together with its four […]

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