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Airbus A380 Tails

Following in the footsteps of the Boeing 787 tails poster that was first created back in early May, I have created another exclusive presentation of the tails that belong to all the present and future Airbus A380 operators. Half of the tails were adapted from other images and the other half were hand drawn my […]

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787 (and 3)

I went back and looked at a post I published on April 4, 2007 when the 787 program crossed the 500 (and 14) order mark when JAL added five 787. Today, December 27, 2007, the 787 program crossed the golden mark: 787 orders, 790 to be exact. The milestone was crossed when British Airways firmed […]

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Qatar’s 2nd 777 & Top Five 2007 Boeing Deliveries

On December 19, the second Qatar Airways 777-300ER was delivered to Doha. In case you were wondering, the trip from Everett, WA, USA to Doha, Qatar is a marathon on a 6413 nm route. However, the Qatar Airways delivery flight is only the fourth longest of this year for Boeing on the 777 line which […]

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Airbus A380-841 (Singapore Airlines)

A380 MSN010 Flies!

On December 21st, MSN010 registered as F-WWSG, the 11th A380 and the 5th for Singapore Airlines made its first flight from Toulouse. The unpainted superjumbo was spotted taking to the skies by Hervé G. earlier this week. Delivery is scheduled for a year from now in December 2008. The production update has been changed accordingly […]

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ARJ21 Rolls-Out in Shanghai

The Chinese AVIC I Advanced Regional Jet for the 21st Century (ARJ21-700) rolled out on Friday afternoon in Shanghai. This is a major milestone in Chinese aerospace. This is the first commercial jet offering in Chinese history. AVIC announced a 100 aircraft order by Kunpeng Airlines, a joint venture between China and Mesa Air Group, […]

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Week in Review Midday Open Thread, Part II

I felt like last week’s open thread experiment went pretty well, so let’s try it again. Also, one question to ponder. Where do you see IFE in 2008? With American, Alaskan, jetBlue and Virgin America all upping the stakes with in-flight Wi-Fi in the year to come, the introduction of a potentially profitable frill is […]

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The Complete Scott Carson Interview

If you’ve got 32 minutes to spare, I highly recommend listening to the complete interview with BCA President Scott Carson by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s aerospace reporter, James Wallace. His write up is primarily about the 787, but the interview covers a broad range of topics including the 737RS, 777X and the 747-8I. The interview should […]

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Something Here is Not Like the Other

Singapore Airlines two painted A380s. Can you spot the difference? Images zoomed and scaled and courtesy of Yvan Panas and Helmut Schnichels. 9V-SKA 9V-SKB First the logos go missing on the nacelles, now this. Who’s painting these, and which one is right?

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Airbus Divests to the Euro-Zone, World Asks Why?

When asked in early November at the Dubai Air Show about the impact of the weak dollar on Boeing, VP of Marketing for Boeing, Randy Tinseth replied, “I don’t know if it necessarily hurts or helps us, but I’m sure it’s not helping our competition.” Less than two weeks later, Airbus CEO Tom Enders was […]

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Unidentified A380 for Air France?

During the late night hours of December 10th to 13th, a convoy wound its way through the French Countryside from Langon to Toulouse. On board the slow moving industrial parade were the wings, horizontal stabilizer, front, center and aft fuselage sections of an Airbus A380. Speculation about the identity of this convoy points to it […]

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