Unidentified A380 for Air France?

During the late night hours of December 10th to 13th, a convoy wound its way through the French Countryside from Langon to Toulouse. On board the slow moving industrial parade were the wings, horizontal stabilizer, front, center and aft fuselage sections of an Airbus A380.

Speculation about the identity of this convoy points to it potentially as the first Airbus A380 for Air France. If confirmed, the aircraft would be MSN033 which is expected to wear the final registration F-HPJA following its flight testing and preparation for entry into service.

When contacted for confirmation, Airbus declined to disclose the identity of the unidentified A380.

Air France would join Singapore Airlines, Emirates and QANTAS as the fourth airline with an A380 under assembly in Toulouse.

Air France’s first A380, which is slated for delivery in 2009, will be powered by four Engine Alliance GP7200, which received official certification earlier this month.


5 Responses to Unidentified A380 for Air France?

  1. Airliners December 19, 2007 at 1:13 pm #

    The coming of Air France (MSN33) frame to Toulouse, in spite of the fact that Malaysia (MSN18) and China Southern (MSN31) frames should’ve come first, just add more mistery to the A380 delivery scheduled.

    I think all the production scheduled has been mixed-up and no body certainly know about the next 2-5 years deliveries dates.
    We may not know about all the deferrals (Virgin Atlantic?, Etihad, Malaysia?, Qatar?) and we may also have some nice surprises coming (Air France!, Kingfisher?, more Emirates and SIAs that we though?).

    There are many misteries unsolved.
    -Who’s getting MSN02, MSN04, MSN07, MSN09 and FedEx and UPS frames?
    -Who’s getting ahead in the scheduled??
    Is there any free delivery slot?
    -What will happen when the A380-900 program is launched in 2010? (Sure SQ, EK and CX will get a couple of those)
    -What is Airbus thinking about the A380F program?

    Everyday is becoming more interesting!

  2. Peter December 19, 2007 at 6:01 pm #

    Sorry everyone,
    it’s nothing new for Airbus widebodies.
    In the A330/A340 production c/n 899 (an A330 for TAP/Air Portugal) has already been spotted at TLS (or at least parts of it), while c/n 846 has yet to show up.

    Get used to it.

    Also: Airbus uses three digits (001 – 999) for it’s c/n’s (MSN) and when they sell more they simply go from 999 to 1000 and up. BUT, where is that forecast for more than 999 A380′s??


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