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Phenom 300: First Flight

It feels like just yesterday she was powered on for the first time. They grow up so quickly. March 10, 2008 – Power On Image Credit Jon Ostrower April 12, 2008 – Roll Out April 29, 2008 – First Flight

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Dreamliners Come Out to Play…Briefly, Part Three

Post 302! Part One (seven photos) Part Two (six photos) Photos are all courtesy of, and a very special thanks to, Charles Conklin MANY MORE BELOW THE FOLD

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Dreamliners Come Out to Play…Briefly, Part Two

I didn’t even fully realize it but Part One of this series was the 300th post for FlightBlogger! Rather than let the first part get unnecessarily long, I decided to begin the 301st post with six more photos of the 2nd (3rd if you’re getting really technical) roll out. See Part One (six photos) See […]

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Dreamliners Come Out to Play…Briefly

This afternoon in Everett, two 787 Dreamliners made a special daylight appearance on a very special anniversary. Today, April 25, 2008, marks one year since major structural components began arriving for assembly of Dreamliner One in Everett. One year later, the static airframe, ZY997, moves out for its brief journey to its new home in […]

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World gets a peek at 777F

For a very brief moment tonight in Everett, the first 777F for Air France saw open air as a 767 for LAN was moved out to the flight line. Notice the nacelle cowlings are two different colors. Image courtesy Matt Cawby

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Battles with Bloggers

Addison Schonland and Rob Mark from did a podcast today to discuss the recent news of Eclipse Aviation filing a subpoena against Google to release the IP addresses of those who commented on a blog critical of the company. This supoena has far reaching consequences for all bloggers, including this one. The podcast raises […]

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Fortune Gets Up Close with 787

Image Credit Fortune Magazine/Gregg Segal Fortune magazine was given a peek inside the 787 assembly line and the result is amazing. They have a 40 shot slideshow that is just jaw dropping. Best I can tell, these photos were taken early last week.There’s also a video and article to go along with the photo essay. […]

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Boeing CEO sees need for supply chain modifications for future airliners

Boeing CEO Jim McNerney today sent a message to all Boeing employees that re-affirms support for the 787 global supply chain model, but accepts that modifications may be necessary for future airliners. Entitled “Time to deliver on the 787,” the memorandum was obtained by FlightBlogger. “The global-partnership model of the 787 remains a fundamentally sound […]

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Report: 787 certification to be delayed again

A German magazine reported Sunday that Boeing is set to announce a further three to six month delay to the 787 program due to issues with achieving its “type certification”. The report, which appeared in FOCUS, cited sources inside the FAA who also said that the delay would be announced in mid-May. Boeing 787 program […]

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Delta Eyes Northwest’s 787 options: Order already placed?

On January 14, Boeing received an order for 23 787-8 Dreamliners from a single unidentified customer. A source close to the airframer tells FlightBlogger that the unidentified customer was Delta Air Lines. The source explained that the order was contingent on the announcement of a merger. Coincidentally enough, according to Flight’s ACAS database, the oldest […]

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