Battles with Bloggers

Addison Schonland and Rob Mark from did a podcast today to discuss the recent news of Eclipse Aviation filing a subpoena against Google to release the IP addresses of those who commented on a blog critical of the company.

This supoena has far reaching consequences for all bloggers, including this one. The podcast raises interesting issues including the impact to the entire blogosphere if Google obliges the request or is forced to comply. This is a potentially dangerous legal precedent for all media as it transitions into the digital age. Mainstream media law, except in extreme national security cases, protects a journalist’s right to not have to disclose their sources. The legal precedent for bloggers is far more amorphous and some guidance from the judiciary will likely be necessary clarify exactly where the line is.

The aviation industry must acknowledge that the flat world not only enables the design, manufacture and broad sale of its products; it also enables line-of-sight coverage by non-traditional media. The industry cannot simultaneously embrace and fight innovation in a globalized world.