Bombardier Unveils new CSeries Variant

My colleague Mary Kirby got a huge scoop today on the specifications for Bombardier’s CSeries. (initial details) The full story should be running at soon. The new variant gives good indication of customer interest if Bombardier is willing to tailor a new variant around specific types of performance.

Bombardier unveils new CSeries variant; changes current specs

Mary Kirby, Philadelphia (30 Jun 08 14:17 GMT)

Bombardier plans to develop a short-range, high-thrust variant of the Pratt & Whitney geared turbofan (GTF)-powered CSeries 130, should it opt this year to launch the proposed 110/130-seat aircraft programme.

The new variant, called the CSeries 130XT, was revealed as part of Bombardier’s release of new performance specifications and dimensions – including a longer wingspan and shorter external lengths – for the family of aircraft, which also comprises the CSeries 110, 110ER, 130 and 130ER.