June 23 – The Week Ahead Open Thread

Boeing’s Goings On
Boeing launched its power-on feature at newairplane.com. It gives a good rundown of the power-on process, as well as some of the first shots of a very alive ZA001 flight deck. Also, it looks as though the first sections of LN7, the first production 787 for ANA, have been delivered to the US. Section 43 from Kawasaki stopped in Everett yesterday on its way to Charleston soon.

This week will bring us the commencement of final assembly operations for ZA004 after this weekend’s line move and ZY998′s Friday transfer to the 767 line. Lastly, Wednesday marks the one year anniversary of the original 787 roll-out.

Image Courtesy The Boeing Company

A380 Convoy
Over the next few days a fresh set of wings and a horizontal stabilizer will be winding across the French countryside on their way to Toulouse. Not sure who the lucky airline recipient will be, but please let me know if you spot it along the way.

GTF to the Sky
Keep an eye out, Pratt & Whitney’s Geared Turbofan is expected to take to the skies under the wing of a 747SP in the very near future. This page will feature an exclusive video previewing the beginning of flight testing in the next few days.

Oshkosh B’Gosh
As if next month wasn’t going to be busy enough, I’ve been (happily) assigned to cover the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI in late July. Quite wonderfully, they’ve opened their doors to bloggers, so it’s going to be a new media fest at ‘Aviation Paradise’. Also, I’m quite content to fly commercial, but I wanted to see if anyone on the east coast was flying privately and had an extra seat for this blogger. I wanted to do an feature chronicling the journey out there hop-by-hop across the United States. (will help with gas)

Quick question to you all, what do you want to see from FlightBlogger at Farnborough? Interviews? Topics?

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  1. NYC777 June 24, 2008 at 7:09 pm #

    ZA001 should leave 40-26 (final assembly area) around July 20-21st where it will go to 40-24 (767 final assembly) to finish off assembly tasks. It should move out to the flight line around Sept. 6th or so.