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The Non-Merger Merger

With oil spiraling towards $150, Continental a found the 4th way to survive the fuel crisis. In conjunction with the retirement of the Classic 737s, the airline is joining up with Star Alliance and apparently abandoning Sky Team and Delta-Northwest in the process. It’s another way to cut capacity by sharing revenue on overlapping routes. […]

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Breaking: GAO Sustains Boeing Tanker Protest

This is a breaking story and will be updated as details become available. GAO Statement “We recommend that the Air Force reopendiscussions with the offerors, obtain revised proposals, re-evaluatethe revised proposals and make a new source selection decision, consistent with our decision.” UPDATE:The GAO sustained Boeing’s tanker protest on seven different criteria. Explained in English. […]

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777-300ER – Then and Now

I’ve been working on two new features for the pre-Farnborough issue of Flight, one on 777 and the other on the 747-8. While researching yesterday, I came across a very interesting fact. With the help of the Way Back Machine, the historical archive of the entire internet, I found that the range of the 777-300ER […]

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June 16 – The Week Ahead Open Thread

Best. Week. Ever.FlightBlogger had its highest traffic in a single week…ever.  The combination of the 787 power-on, Hawker 4000 certification, live twittering from Vought, Global Aeronautica and Spirit, and the peek inside Dreamliner Four’s flight deck and cabin racked up a staggering 63,000 page loads and 44,000 visitors. That tops the previous best seven day […]

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Four’s Front Office

WICHITA, KS — This is likely to be the first, and hopefully the last, FlightBlogger blog post from inside an active tornado warning which is in effect for the Wichita area. Dreamliner Four forward fuselage, also known as Section 41, will be delivered to Everett next week on June 19. It will be the first […]

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Onboard Dreamliner Four

WICHITA, KS — Spirit Aerosystems showed off its forward 787 Section 41 today and invited the media onboard Dreamliner Four, the first nose section to be delivered with a 100% completion of assembly. The first photo features, from left to right, Dreamliners Four, Five, Six and Seven. CONTINUED BELOW

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Dreamliner 4 Flight Deck

Dreamliner 4 Flight Deck, originally uploaded by flightblogger. The level of completion is virtually 100% at this point. Ship date:June 19.

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Breaking Exclusive: 787 Power-on Testing Begins

UPDATE 3 – 5:25 AM – 6/12: WICHITA, KS — Just feet behind the football field sized door of Building 40-26 at Boeing’s Everett, Washington facility, a small group of program staff Wednesday began breathing life into the first 787 Dreamliner. The aircraft was powered-on for the first time, marking the beginning of a check-out […]

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large.H4000 aerial 1.jpg

Exclusive: Hawker 4000 Ready for Primetime

WICHITA, KS — Hawker Beechcraft has obtained its final Type Certification and Production Certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration for its oft-delayed Hawker 4000 business jet. This latest milestone clears the way for its first delivery after 12 years of development. According to Hawker Beechcraft, the first Hawker 4000 customer delivery of aircraft RC-7 is […]

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Dreamliner 4

Dreamliner 4, originally uploaded by flightblogger. LN4 – Cell 20 @ Global Aeronautica being worked on.

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