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Walking Around Dreamlifter Three

Wanted to give a little tour of Dreamlifter Three during its visit to Oshkosh. I missed the 787 wingspan by 10 feet, but close enough. What’s three meters between friends? Enjoy. I’ve also posted a few shots of what the Dreamlifter looks like inside. The pictures aren’t from Oshkosh, but from my visit to Charleston […]

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Tri Motor@Oshkosh

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PiperJet flies!

OSHKOSH — Piper Aircraft announced today that its PiperJet – the first pure, jet-powered, turbofan design in the company’s 71-year history – made its first flight at 11:11 AM today from Piper Headquarters in Vero Beach, Fla. Complete release after the jump.

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Two more photos after the jump.

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Breaking: PiperJet first flight imminent

OSHKOSH — The first pure jet Piper aircraft in 71 years is set to take to the sky momentarily in Vero Beach, Florida. The PiperJet conducted high-speed taxi tests this morning, lifting the nose wheel at 80 knots without departing the runway. The test was intended to validate flight stability of the Full Digital Authority […]

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Breaking Exclusive: Martin Jetpack Photos Leaked

OSHKOSH — The Martin Jetpack is a secret no more. This photo, obtained exclusively by FlightBlogger, is the first picture of the new Martin Jetpack anywhere in the world. A test flight is expected here at EAA AirVenture this morning when the official announcement is made at 9:30 AM CT. Little is known about the […]

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LCF Arrives in Wisconsin

LCF Arrives in Wisconsin, originally uploaded by flightblogger.

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One more after the jump

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Around the world in seven days

CarolAnn Garratt has her eyes set on a world record: circle the Earth in just seven days on the wings of a single-engine piston Mooney 201J, all in the name of a great cause. The current speed record for a ’round-the-world journey has held since May 1988, when a Beechcraft Bonanza circled the Earth at […]

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