Exclusive: Japan begins studying 100-150 seat YPX aircraft


YPX.jpgFARNBOROUGH — The Japan Aircraft Development Corporation has initiated a study to develop a new 100-150-seat narrowbody aircraft titled “YPX”.

If launched, the aircraft would compete directly against the Bombardier CSeries and 737/A320 replacement at the lower end of the short-range market. Entry into service would be targeted around the 2018-2019 timeframe.

Consulting Engineer, Yuichi Hirakami, says the JADC is considering a two to three member family for the “YPX” spanning the 100 to 150-seat range. Pratt & Whitney’s geared turbofan, as well as a super propfan are being considered as potential powerplants for the aircraft.

The existing empennage and wingbox of the Kawasaki P-X aircraft would be applied to a new twin-engine narrowbody aircraft. The study is examining the extensive use of composites in major structures of the aircraft such as the wings.

If the JADC decides to go ahead with the project following its study, which is funded in part by the Japanese Government, the launch would follow the entry into service of the Mitsubishi Regional Jet in 2013.