July 21 – The Week Ahead Open Thread

Farnborough Wrap
What a week. I wanted to say thank you to you all for visiting last week, I really hope you enjoyed the coverage. From Sunday to Friday, Farnborough brought this blog a 38% increase in traffic over the Singapore air show in February, as well as an increase in content by almost 70%. Also, in case you were wondering, I ‘twittered’ 93 times during the week. I have about 10 hours worth of recordings and 50 pages of notes to sift through and begin putting together some features. So, more to come.

Top 5 Best Farnborough SWAG (Giveaways)
1. The C-17 Moose
2. QATAR Airways 1:200 777, A330 and A340 models
3. Sukhoi

Su-47 tie clip.

4. Airbus A340 (snark)
5. (Tie) Pratt & Whitney combination lock thumb drive & Boeing pen/laser pointer/thumb drive

CRJ1000 First Flight Watch
After last week’s launch of the CSeries, Bombardier is hard at work getting its 100-seat regional jet into the sky. The company has said that July was going to be prime time for first flight, so I’m officially on first flight watch. I’ll keep you posted.


777F Flight Testing Underway
First flight, take two last Wednesday ended at its originally intended destination. The aircraft, WF001, N5020K, 777F no. 1 (it goes by many names) is now at home at the flight test center at Boeing Field. The first flight ended at Paine Field because of telemetry problems. The flight lasted 2:38 minutes and took the 777 up and down the Olympias [Olympics] to the west of Puget Sound.

A380 Emirates Delivery
Emirates will take delivery of its first (of 58) A380 next Monday from the Airbus delivery center in Hamburg, Germany. Following the delivery, the aircraft will make its first revenue flight from Dubai to JFK on August 1st. Not only is Emirates the 2nd A380 operator, but the Dubai-based airline is also the launch customer for the Engine Alliance (GE & Pratt & Whitney) GP7200 engines.

Home sweet home…but not for long.
Walked in my front door at 11:30 PM lastt night from my Heathrow flight. I’m home for about 96 hours, then I’m off to Oshkosh next week. Not expecting a whole lot of news coming out of the show, so it’ll give me a good chance to try some new techniques for the event. I’ll have more detail later this week.

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  1. Sean July 22, 2008 at 11:08 am #

    Keep an open mind toward OSH; several manufacturers in the piston, VLJ, and light jet arenas make announcements there. I know that’s not your traditional coverage beat, but it’s not just kitplanes anymore.