The Farnborough Fattie

farnborough-header.jpgOur 179-page pre-Farnborough issue, affectionately known at Flight as the Farnborough Fattie, was released today and I wanted to point you to a few commercial aircraft features in there that are definitely worth a read. I penned two features, one on the 747-8 and the other on the 777. Also, Max Kingsley-Jones does an amazing A350 and A320 round up with some pretty stunning graphics and Mary Kirby, of Runway-Girl fame, delivers a fantastic analysis of the regional market and the impact of new engines like GTF.

You’ll notice the new Fanborough banner at the top of this post, it was a nice touch for Sinagpore in February and I thought I’d go for a repeat. You’ll be seeing the banner quite a bit starting this weekend.

Also, here’s a listing of the static and flying aircraft that will be on display. Boeing is bringing Air India 777-300ER VT-ALN and Airbus is bringing an A380. Lastly, take a peek at Flight’s very own Farnborough guide is a good reference for the show if you’re able to make it.

Must note the date.

July 8, 2007 + 1 year (and what a year it’s been)