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Happy Thanksgiving!

Whether it’s friends, family or things that fly, taking a moment to reflect is just good for the soul. No matter where you are in the world today (and probably everyday) is a good day to say thanks. I’m thankful for all of you and your continued support. It truly means the world to me. […]

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787 Fatigue Airframe Exits Paintshop

Monday afternoon in Everett, ZY998, Boeing’s 787 fatigue airframe exited the factory paintshop where it had spent the previous five days receiving a fresh coat of white paint. Many have asked me, “Why does and airplane that will never fly need to be painted?” Epoxy resin, one of the chief ingredients in composites, is susceptible […]

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787 Dreamliner production frozen as fastener issue paces program

As Boeing continues to tackle the time consuming replacement of thousands of fasteners, 787 production remains frozen and is pacing a formal assessment of the program’s schedule, including a timeline for first flight and delivery. Though a revised 787 schedule for the start of the flight test program is yet to be determined, Boeing is […]

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Movie Monday – November 24 – 21st Century Jet – Part I

Movie Monday is kicking off a bit earlier than usual today (12:52 AM) because I am releasing a 787 update later this morning. This week’s movie is part of a five hour long documentary entitled the 21st Century Jet (1996), which will be presented here over the next five weeks. Many have seen the famous […]

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Not airplanes, but cars.

Permit me this a brief detour from covering aircraft and allow me to introduce you to my friend Jake Brewer. Jake’s Dad work’s for GM in Tennessee. GM has been a part of his life for as long as he can remember, and now GM is staring down the spectre of a bankruptcy that has […]

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Ford, Boeing and Irony

Ford Motor Company has a market cap of $3.01 billion at 3:31 PM. A bit of afternoon blogger snark:That means you could buy Ford for about 12 of the aircraft Alan Mullaly helped to invent. For a point of comparison, that’s 20% of the 777s that Emirates operates. How’s that for irony?

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Seattle, DC and Chicago star in Project Runway

Call me crazy, but I always felt Project Runway was a show that should’ve been about airports. So much for that plan. Beginning today, a hat trick of new runways opens up at three major airports across the US. Airport expansion is quite rare here in the US and seeing three huge new runways opening […]

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Boeing’s Sonic Cruiser revived with stadium seating

I went spelunking in the United States Patent and Trademark Office cave and came out with a gem of a find. Its title: AIRCRAFT. Clever, I know. This AIRCRAFT patent (filed by The Boeing Company) claims to depict “The ornamental design for an aircraft.” It does not disappoint. There’s not a whole lot of textual […]

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Will Northwest’s 787s be born Delta?

Right now in Everett, twin 787s are undergoing final assembly withred painted rudders. Dreamliners Three and Four are destined forNorthwest. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing both at various states ofassembly in South Carolina, Kansas and Washington. Dreamliner Three will forever hold a special place in my heart, as it was the first 787 I […]

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Boeing Releases 787 Wingbox Destruction Movie

Boeing just released its third in an ongoing series of 787 milestone videos on its website. The latest chronicles the completion of destructive testing on the 787 test wingbox. The results of will be analyzed and applied to additional testing on the 787 static airframe (ZY997). The final validation of wing strength for FAA certification […]

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