What ever happened to that damaged Etihad A340-600?

You may remember this infamous aircraft from the brutal accident that severely injured the ground test crew of Etihad’s A340-600 (MSN856) last fall. This appears to be all that is left of the aircraft at Toulouse. The aircraft was going to be A6-EHG, but was heavily damaged during and engine run up while it was still in test registration F-WWCJ.

The accident happened almost a year ago (Nov. 5, 2007) and was reported here live as the accident details became available. Coverage of this accident generated the highest traffic this blog has seen to date.

From the Archives
November 5, 2007: Etihad A340-600 Severely Damaged in Engine Test
November 20, 2007: Etihad A340-600 Accident Photos

UPDATE: It looks like the tail made it to Paris for an environmental exhibition on the Place de la Concorde. Hat tip to LS for the find.

One Response to What ever happened to that damaged Etihad A340-600?

  1. William November 13, 2008 at 4:24 pm #


    is there any comprehensive summary of the cause of this accident?
    Also the backgrounds (who owned the A/C, who was controling it? Who pays the bill?) would be interesting.