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New year to bring Dreamliner One progress, 787 production still paced by fasteners

On this, the final day of 2008, and the 590th since final assembly began on ZA001, the first 787 Dreamliner is preparing to leave Building 40-26 in Everett to begin a four month trek to the sky. Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner program has had five first flight dates set, but a timeline for key program milestones […]

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Airbus delivers 12th A380 for 2008, meets revised delivery goal

In May, Airbus revised its A380 delivery schedule for 2008 by moving its delivery target from 13 to 12 for the year. Today (December 30) in Hamburg, Airbus will hand over its 12th A380 of 2008, the fourth (of 58) for Emirates and the 13th delivered overall (of 198). Throughout 2008, Airbus has steadily reduced […]

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How bad was 2008 for US airlines? 777 & A330 help tell the story

2008 was a bad year for airlines. Eight US airlines folded in 2008, and with a rocky road ahead for 2009, I wanted to drill down and examine what this past year really meant for airlines in dollars and cents. We know the big picture: oil spiked in July to $147 a barrel and threatened […]

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X for Mac! Say what?!

A little light blog fodder for the holidays I’ve been playing Microsoft Flight Simulator for about a decade now, andit’s one of those extensions of my love of aviation that simply nevergets old. I, of course, have less time to play than I used to, but Ialways love it just the same. I’m the kind […]

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Good news, bad news: 787-9 delivery now set for early 2013

The good news is that the Boeing’s 787 maintenance plan has been approved by the FAA, which is a major step towards gaining overall certification for the Dreamliner. The bad news is that Air New Zealand won’t be able to put it into action with its first 787-9 until early 2013, a year later than […]

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Report: 737 ‘Re-Generation’ in the works; new interior set for 2009

The December – January issue of Aviation and the Environment features a look at what is now being dubbed the 737 Re-Generation, a half generation leap for Boeing’s venerable narrowbody with suite of new enhancements. The piece, authored by Scott Hamilton of Leeham & Co, draws together information from “nearly a dozen sources with knowledge […]

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Southwest 737-300s to get new glass flight deck

Southwest Airlines awarded a $40M to General Electric to retrofit its entire fleet of 737-300s with twin 15.4-inch SDS-6000 glass displays to enable RNP (Required Navigation Performance) operations across the overwhelming majority of its 737 fleet.  Boeing will be responsible for the design, installation and integration of the new hardware and software, as well as flight […]

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December 22 – Week Ahead Open Thread

Well it’s winter and this is the final open thread of 2008. 787 First Flight in April Geoff Thomas of ATW has the item this morning. He outlines the milestones coming up over the next few months. My timelines line up with what he’s hearing too and I’ll have more on this later today or […]

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Movie Monday – December 22 – 21st Century Jet – Part V

The final chapter of the 21st Century Jet saga brings us to preparations for the 777s entry into service in May 1995. This episode details all of the hoops a new commercial aircraft must jump through as readies for its official hand off to United Airlines. As you’ll see, the first 777, LN7 – N777UA, […]

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Up close & personal with the QANTAS A380

About a year ago I posted a link to a high-resolution interactive panoramic view of the inside of the A380 flight deck. The photographer, Giles Vidal, had produced several panoramic views from the delivery of the first A380 to Singapore Airlines, including tours of the cabin. Mr. Vidal is at it again with a look […]

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