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Dreamliner Five loaded into position one as 787 production resumes (Update1)

Boeing just released the following photograph of ZA005, AKA Dreamliner Five, having been loaded into position one in Everett. You’ll notice that the photograph, which was taken yesterday, shows the Section 41-43 join complete and the aft fuselage waiting to be loaded for the Section 46-47 join. Production Resumes on Boeing 787 Dreamliners With Fifth […]

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Ground vibration testing starts prematurely in Everett

In the wee hours of the morning, a 4.5 magnitude earthquake shook the Pacific Northwest about 17 miles from Boeing’s Everett facility. Fortunately, there were no reports of any damage according to the Seattle Times. The map to the right shows the location of the earthquake, which is near to the 6.8 magnitude quake that […]

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Flash: Dreamliner One undergoes re-power-on (Update3)

Dreamliner One, Boeing’s first 787, has been re-powered-on for the first time since before the 57-day IAM strike, Boeing confirms. The aircraft’s electrical systems were reactivated on Tuesday as the aircraft continues its sprint to complete its first flight by June 30th. The electrical system activation testing first began on June 11, 2008 and was […]

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Report: S7 Group confirmed as 787 cancellation

James Wallace of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer is reporting that his Boeing sources have confirmed the identity of the customer that cancelled an order for 15 787 Dreamliners. Boeing won’t say what customer canceled its 787 order for 15 planes.My sources confirm it was the S7 Group in Russia. McNerney, in theconference call, said the customer […]

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Boeing 2008 Year-End Earnings Liveblog

Boeing is set to announce its 2008 fourth-quarter and year-end earnings today at 10:30 ET. I’ll be live blogging the conference call with CEO Jim McNerney and CFO James Bell here via twitter. The full live blogged transcript will be available at the conclusion of the call. The company is expected to provide guidance for […]

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Dreamliner One set for re-power-on, first flight TBD, Five to begin final assembly

Dreamliner One is set to come alive again, as re-power-on is expected later this week, the first time since before the IAM strike. Though, according to program sources, internal schedules have seen a shift from identifying specific milestones dates, including first flight, towards classification as TBD, away from the originally set date of April 24. […]

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Movie Monday – January 26 – Strange Planes

This week’s Movie Monday explores vertical flight in some of its strangest, and most influential designs in aviation. When watching, keep in mind the culmination of many of these technologies has found their way into the F-35B Joint Strike Fighter and its STOVL capability. Enjoy! Part II is after the jump

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Photo Diary: Raising Flight 1549

These extraordinary photos found their way to my inbox yesterday evening and I feel they are important to share, if only to highlight the extraordinary effort in landing and later lifting a fully submerged, intact, Airbus A320 from the Hudson River in New York City. Special thanks to the person who sent these to me. […]

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The end of an era: Microsoft Flight Simulator is no more

With the economy spiraling further and further into a hole, Microsoft announced yesterday it was laying of 5000 employees. We learned today, though still officially unconfirmed by Microsoft, that the cuts include the disbanding of the ACES Studio team which is responsible for Flight Simulator. It appears as though the venerable flight simulator, which has […]

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QANTAS’s 8th A380 arrives in Toulouse

In the wee hours of January 15th in the South of France, an A380 made its way (in pieces) to the Airbus facility in Toulouse. If my math is correct, this is the 32nd structural delivery of a flying A380 to the Final Assembly Line. The aircraft will eventually be the 8th for QANTAS as […]

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