April 13 – The Week Ahead Open Thread

Firsts & Lasts
This week, the final 747-400ERF will move to the flight line, followed possibly later this week by Dreamliner One after it completes the factory gauntlet.

Signs point to some kind of announcement on the QANTAS/Jetstar fleet as early as Tuesday, though it remains to be seen what the content of such an announcement would be regarding future fleet planning and potential 787 deferrals.

Troubled Skies
NPR is running a five part series on the state of the US aviation all week. Part one covers the cuts in airline capacity and where all the planes are ending up and the unexpected results. The most interesting fact from the first part is that, somewhat unsurprisingly, fewer planes have resulted in fewer delays and fewer lost bags. When the ATC system is finally upgraded to handle more planes, don’t worry, they’ll still lose your bags.

US Airways A330-200
Delta isn’t the only US major adding widebody aircraft to its fleet. US Airways first A330-200 is floating around Toulouse and is curiously powered by Rolls-Royce engines rather than the Pratt & Whitney engines that power their first nine -300s. This is US Airways first new widebody aircraft since 2001.

777F Cargo Operators

LAN is expected to take delivery of its first 777F this week, while the first 777F is back out on the flight line following re-registration and painting as F-GUOA.  The aircraft is white and has not received the Air France livery – and appears that this is the first of the French carrier’s deferred 777s. AeroLogic’s first 777F is also on the flight line as well.

3 Responses to April 13 – The Week Ahead Open Thread

  1. alloycowboy April 13, 2009 at 9:19 pm #


    Any news on how ZA001? I see you had a tag for it. But didn’t give an update on it.

  2. aussie65 April 13, 2009 at 10:28 pm #

    QF has now issued its statement to the Australian Stock Exchange.
    - 4 A380 deliveries deferred
    - 12 738 deliveries deferred
    - Discussions ongoing with Boeing in relation to deferral of 15 788s
    - 10 other aircraft (744s and 763s) grounded.

  3. Mathew McBride April 14, 2009 at 3:55 am #

    How many 787 ‘low value wave 1 aircraft’ (to quote Airbus) is Boeing building again? Chinese and QF are out, who else?

    Maybe you should do a ‘guess the LN’ quiz like you did years back again as well!