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Summer in DC

Summer in DC, originally uploaded by flightblogger. Continental 737-700 on Potomac final approach to DCA.

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Assembling 747-8 – June 29 – Prepping for final body join

Consider this a bit of catch up over the last several weeks on 747-8 progress. I wanted to bring you the latest on what’s going on with the first 747-8 Freighter – RC501 – coming together in Everett right now. Last this page left the new jumbo jet, the forward fuselage was making the trip […]

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Photo of Note: The Front Page – June 27, 2007

The 25th, 26th and 27th of June 2007 were three days that will forever remain vividly embedded in my memory. I went to sleep on the 25th having just posted this message to the two-month old experiment called FlightBlogger: Update 3 – June 25, 2007 – 10:25pm Sources inside Boeing say, “There is not much […]

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A broad look at the QANTAS/Jetstar 787 cancellation and deferral

The news came early this morning in Sydney, that Australia’s largest airline, Qantas had made significant changes to its 787 order, deferring the 15 787-8s it was supposed to receive starting in mid-2010 for Jetstar, while canceling 15 additional 787-9s scheduled for delivery in 2014 and 2015. First, lets examine the changes: Jetstar’s first 15 […]

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A Closer Look: Inside the Super Constellation

One of the highlights of Paris Air Show for me personally was the opportunity to join Max Kingsley-Jones for a guided tour of the Lockheed L1049F-55 Super Constellation (HB-RS). Stepping on board, you could immediately feel the history locked into the airframe. The aircraft once flew for the US Air Force as a troop transport […]

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Understanding the 787 structural reinforcement (Update1)

Boeing yesterday announced it was postponing first flight of the 787 citing the need to reinforce structure where the wing box meets the center wing box at the side of body of the aircraft. FlightBlogger takes a closer look at exactly what the problem is and how Boeing came to yesterday’s announcement. Because of the […]

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BREAKING: Boeing postpones 787 first flight

12:10 PM: Comment from ANA: “We are disappointed that the first flight of the787 will be postponed, and urge Boeing to specify the schedule for theprogramme as a whole as quickly as possible.” 10:46 AM: Shanahan and Fancher confirm that the problem stems from 18 points where the center wing box (11) meets the wingbox […]

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June 22 – The Week Ahead Open Thread

Virgin A330To celebrate its 25th birthday, Virgin Atlantic did what I wantedto do when I turned 25 last year. The British airline purchased 10 newA330-300s for interim capacity while it waits for the delivery of itsfirst 787-9 aircraft in 2013. The airline will get five in 2011 andanother five in 2012. Six of will be […]

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Photo of Note: Yakovlev 42Dreamliner

dreamliner =), originally uploaded by minolta forever. Submitted without comment. Close. Very close. But really, folks, not quite. Yakovlev 42D in Bykovo airport (RA-42387)

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Movie Monday – June 22 – Retro First Flight Marketing

Forty years ago, Boeing’s marketing team was hard at work making film reels to promote the first flight of the “747 Superjet” for program managers. Forty years later, the 787 Milestones site set up by Boeing is merely the latest [public] evolution of sharing the progress of developing a new jetliner with the world. What […]

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