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Better Know a Dreamliner – Part Two – ZA002

ZA002 – Registration: N787EX – Serial No: 40691 – Final Assembly: 2/12/08 ZA002, the second 787 flight test aircraft, recognizable by its All Nippon Airways paint job, took its first flight on December 22nd from Paine Field. Though it wears the colors of the 787 launch customer, ZA002 will remain in the Boeing inventory as […]

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Explanation and clarification on ZA002′s landing gear

As you may have noticed, ZA002 touched down at Boeing Field with its landing gears doors open instead of stowed as we saw on ZA001 last Tuesday. The reason for the open position at the time of landing had to do with the resolution Neville and Carriker used to fully straighten a component of the […]

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Video: ZA002 is airborne!

ZA002 took to the skies at approximately 9:10 PT from Paine Field in Everett, Washington after completing three taxi runs. At the controls is Capt. Randy Neville, accompanied by Capt. Mike Carriker in the right seat. Follow the latest developments on the first flight of Boeing 002 Experimental on twitter by following me and the #787FT hashtag. […]

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How the Global Aeronautica deal went down

Following up on yesterday evening’s speculation… Boeing announced at 7:00 AM today (December 22) that it has acquired Alenia’s 50% share in Global Aeronautica, a deal that has been widely rumored to be in the works for months now. Global Aeronautica, which began its life as a 50-50 joint venture between Vought and Alenia, will […]

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Is Boeing getting ready to buy the last 50% of Global Aeronautica?

Charleston is abuzz once again that Boeing might be getting ready to buy the last 50% of Global Aeronautica from Alenia.  Multiple program sources report that a 6:15 AM ET all-hands meeting is planned for an undisclosed purpose tomorrow morning for the 3rd and 1st shifts working at Boeing Charleston and Global Aeronautica. While no […]

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ZA002 to fly December 22nd, weather permitting

Boeing has confirmed that ZA002 (N787EX) will fly around 845 AM PT from Everett on Tuesday, December 22nd. At the controls will be Captain Randy Neville and chief project pilot Captain Mike Carriker. Neville will fly left-seat for this second 787 flight that will see the aircraft flown from Paine Field to Boeing Field as […]

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A Closer Look: First Flight of the Boeing 787

Mike Carriker and Randy Neville were alone on the flight deck of ZA001 when the air stairs were retracted at 10 minutes past 10 on Tuesday, December 15. The two men read through their final pre-taxi items on the electronic checklist.  “Anti-Ice?” asked Neville. “On,” replied Carriker.  “Recall?”  “Checked”  “Autobrake?” “RTO.” “Flight Controls?” “Checked.” “Ground […]

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Travel Day: SEA-DCA

Travel Day: SEA-DCA, originally uploaded by flightblogger. Well, the week’s a wrap for me. I’m heading back to DC just in time for 5-14 inches of snow. So my weekend plans will consist of some serious indoor R&R. Heading back home on this Alaska Airlines 737-800 (N524AS) and the mountain even managed to make an apperance before […]

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More 787 First Flight photos than you can shake a stick at

I think the title of this post captures it nicely. I’ll have some words to go with these visuals soon enough. In the meantime…enjoy.

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Why didn’t Mike Carriker raise the 787′s landing gear?

This question seems to be popping up all over and I thought it was best to try and explain why the 787′s landing gear wasn’t retracted immediately after takeoff. During first flights, landing gear is rarely retracted until well into the flight when it is established that everything is safe and stable on the aircraft. In case […]

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