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ZA001 proceeds toward final gauntlet ahead of 787 taxi testing

First flight remains targeted for December 15, depending on the weather. Before ZA001 can complete its final round of taxi tests, Boeing will take the first 787 thoughtwo to three days of final gauntlet tests for final check outs of the aircraft’s 92 systems. Currently, the Final Gauntlet is scheduled to begin as early as […]

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December 7 – The Week Ahead Open Thread

787 Pre-FlightWhile ZA001 and ZA002 are being readied for firstflight, Boeing is expected to deliver its verdict on the data collectedfrom the static tests conducted last weekend on ZY997. The results willserve as a go/no-go for Boeing to fly the 787 with the side-of-bodyreinforcement the week after next. More on 787 as the day/week progresses. […]

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Movie Monday – December 7 – Hellcat v. Zero

In recognition of the 68th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, today’s Movie Monday is another installment of the show Dogfights. This episode explores the development and deployment of the US Navy Grumman F6F Hellcat as a response to the Japanese Mitsubishi A6M Zero and the battles that ensued in the Pacific […]

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22nd…14th…18th…15th…787 first flight is a moving target

Like a slowing pendulum, the amplitude of the swings identifying 787′s first flight date are narrowing…and changing daily. The Seattle Times reports today that ZA001 will take to the skies on December 18th, up four days from previous forecast of December 22nd. This page reported Tuesday that the 14th was the opening of the first […]

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Korean gives 747-8I a new lease on life

Almost exactly three years to the day, Boeing has earned its second firm order for the airline configured 747-8I. Korean Airlines placed a firm order for five of the jumbo jets for delivery between 2013 and 2015. Lufthansa launched the 747-8I program on December 6, 2006 with an order for 20 aircraft. Since then the […]

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A350-900 fabrication gets underway, say hello to MSN001

The A350 XWB doesn’t quite resemble an aircraft yet, but today in Nantes, France, Airbus announced it has fabricated the first composite piece for the upper panel of the first A350-900′s center wing box. MSN001 is now a 387 sq. ft composite panel. This panel will eventually be incorporated with others manufactured in Nantes to […]

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Embraer Phenom 300 earns ANAC type certificate (Update1)

Embraer’s Phenom 300 light jet earned its Brazilian type certificate this morning, the Brazilian airframer confirms. First delivery, says an Embraer spokeswoman, is expected “soon” and an official announcement from the company is due out shortly. UPDATE: Here’s my extended story on the Phenom 300 Brazilian certification.

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BREAKING: Bombardier delays CRJ1000 certification and deliveries (Update1)

Bombardier C-FRJX CRJ 1000 Experimental, originally uploaded by moonm. Bombardier announced this morning that it has suspended flight test and delayed first delivery of its CRJ1000 aircraft “pending software updates to the rudder control-by-wire system“. The delay now places delivery to Air Nostrum between August 2010 and January 2011, representing the second half of Bombardier’s […]

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Video: 787 makes chilly engine restart

Around 9:30 PT last night, ZA001, parked in Stall 105 on Boeing’s Everett flight line, restarted its twin Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines. The engines were started left to right and each produced clouds of white smoke as a result of an inhibitor that was stored inside each engine while the aircraft’s side-of-body was being modified, […]

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After two long years, first flight countdown begins again for 787

While Boeing crunches the data from the latest volley of static tests to validate the side-of-body reinforcement, sources within the company are increasingly confident that the long-delayed program could fly not one, but potentially two 787s later this month. A static test yesterday, internally dubbed “2C”, was a key hurdle on the now restarted path […]

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