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Narrobody replacements, hail and composites

On Sunday afternoon a JetBlue Airbus A320 (N646JB) departed JFK for Long Beach. The aircraft later returned to JFK after the airline announced that the aircraft had hit birds on climb out. That was later updated to hail, and later again diagnosing the cause of the early return as a tail strike on departure from […]

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Movie Monday – March 29 – Engine Failures 101

On Tuesday morning, I’ll start a two day visit to Pratt & Whitney in Hartford, Connecticut. The first day is a day-long course on engine technology called Engines 101. The course is a primer on engine technology and the underlying fundamentals of powering aircraft, rotorcraft and spacecraft. One way to learn more about how engines […]

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Confirmed: ZY997 completes 150% ultimate wing load test

Boeing has completed the 150% ultimate load test on the 787 static test airframe – ZY997 – inside the 40-23 Building of the company’s Everett factory, the company confirms. Boeing says it did not exceed 150% loading of the wing during Sunday’s test, which saw the composite wings flexed to a height of 25ft. Photo Credit […]

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First GEnx-1B powered 787 makes flight line debut

The first General Electric GEnx-1B powered 787 – ZA005 (N787FT) – was moved from Building 40-24 to the flight line on the evening of Thursday, March 25. While it might not be evident from this angle, the GEnx-1B is about 8in longer than the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 (cowling to cone) and sits about .8in lower. […]

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LAN confirms early 787 arrival, joins ANA, RAM, JAL, Air India, China Southern, Ethiopian, Qatar & Continental in 2011

LAN Airlines has confirmed that it plans to accelerate delivery of its first 787 from 2014 to the second quarter of 2011.  This page reported in January that LAN assumed two delivery spots from All Nippon Airways. The Santiago-based airline will take delivery of Airplanes 10 and 16, previously allocated to ANA. Airplane 10 is […]

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747-8F flap buffet could force landing gear door redesign

Boeing is investigating an unexpected buffet in the inboard flaps of the 747-8F, a design issue that may prompt a costly redesign and put significant pressure on the flight test schedule. The buffet was first discovered following the first flight of the 747-8F on February 8th, when the aircraft extended its flaps to the maximum […]

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Confirmed: Boeing plans 787 ultimate wing load test for March 28

UPDATE 5:36 PM ET: Boeing confirms that the ultimate load test is scheduled for Sunday, March 28th in the 40-23 Building of the Everett Factory. The company says that “testing is dynamic” and that March 28th date could change, adding that “We are not currently planning on breaking the wing.” 4:37 PM ET: Boeing is […]

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787 Flight Test Update: Month Three (Plus 7)

Also See: 787 Flight Test Updates – Month One & Month Two With three months and seven days since the 787′s December’s first flight, four Dreamliners have taken flight, accumulating roughly 360hr of flight time. Boeing is moving into the heart of its flight test program after completing both flutter and ground effects testing, with […]

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Movie Monday – March 22 – A Tale of Two Jumbos

It is not without a touch of irony that today’s Movie Monday (planned severals weeks ago) falls during the British Airways cabin crew strike. The week’s edition, titled A Tale of Two Jumbos, tracks eight days in the life of two British Airways 747-200 (G-BDXG & G-BDXE). The film begins as XG is being towed into a maintenance […]

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Boeing’s Albaugh on 737RE, 777EW and 787IGW, et al.

I had an opportunity on Wednesday to participate in an hour-long media roundtable with Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO James Albaugh, that turned into a wide-ranging conversation about the future of the company’s commercial aircraft business. In addition to 737, 777 and 787, we discussed the future of the tanker and the potential for an ITAR […]

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